How to File Suit against 18 Wheeler Company

legal team webIt can be overwhelming trying to file a personal injury suit against a trucking company. After all, they have big corporate lawyers and have likely been through many cases. However, if you can prove the company was negligent you will have a strong case.

Trucking companies will try to avoid having to go to court and will likely offer a compensation amount to the victim before the trial starts. If this happens, they will offer a lower amount than what the claim is worth. If you truly believe the truck driver and its company were being negligent then you should take the case to court to get what is owed.

In order to build a stronger case, collect as much evidence as you can like photos, witness statements and security camera footage. Also note the time and place that the accident occurred, what you were doing before the accident happened and any observable behaviors of the truck.

The best way to win the case is to prove that the truck driver was negligent at the time of the accident. However, some companies are able to alter the driving logs of their driver to make it seem like everything was fine at the time of the accident. In order to avoid such tampering, you will need to ask for evidence to be preserved since some federal laws only regulate evidence for 6 months.

You can also find out if the company had any prior violations, if the truck was well-maintained and if the driver met all of the criteria and qualifications to be on the road. If any of these pieces of evidence are in clear violations of the law, it can add up to negligence on the part of the trucking company.

The best chance you have of winning a case against a trucking company is to show that there was negligence or that a violation occurred. You will need irrefutable evidence of such violations in order for your claims to hold up in court.

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