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The four most expensive condos ever sold in Toronto

Toronto is filled with expensive condos now. People also have the money to buy them. The luxury real-estate market is expected to grow more in the coming years. The real estate sales of more than $1 million have increased significantly over the past few years, and the trend will continue. Factors such as limited inventory, strong domestic and international demand, and lower interest rates has contributed to the luxury real estate market in Toronto. We are here to help you navigate this complex market. Here are the most expensive condos for sale in Toronto.

1. West Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences
It is the most expensive condo ever sold in Toronto. It had more than 9,000 square feet of living space, and its price was $28 million. It is atop the 55-storey West Residence building. You will love the panoramic views from here. There is a floor-to-ceiling glass galleria. There is a separate staff residence which provides private living spaces for the household staff of the owner. The owner and all the residents can use all the facilities of the hotel including housekeeping and room services. The service charge will be $7,000 a month.

2. Faux-English manor in Hoggs Hollow
The selling price of this condo was $15.3 million. It has 8,000 square feet of living space. There are five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The exterior is constructed using brick and limestone. Most of the interior has mahogany wood paneling. There are a home theater and gym in the basement.

3. 88 Davenport Road West, Penthouse 3, Annex
This condo is up for sale for $15.8 million. It occupies the top of The Florian. It has the mother of pearl inlays, marble flooring, Venetian plaster and all the luxuries you can think. It is the most expensive condo for sale in the luxury real estate market in Toronto today.

4. 50 Yorkville Ave., Suite 2401, Annex
The asking price for this condo is $13.5 million. Its terrace is more than 2,000 square foot. It is at the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences. The 3, 843 square foot unit has ensuite baths for, spacious library, luxurious kitchen, and other outstanding features.

You cannot imagine how much the demand is for Toronto luxury real estate today. People from abroad are buying most of the luxury condos in Toronto. The buyers of these condos want a special place to live, so they are not concerned about the price. The real estate market of Toronto has attracted customers from around the world. A survey shows that 60% of the investors buy condos in Toronto to rent them out. The demand for these expensive condos will not diminish. People are ready to pay the high price for the luxury and comfort. So, we can expect more expensive condos for sale in Toronto in future. Check out with your realtor for the current listings.

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The 5 Most Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Buying a house is a big step. Any potential homeowner needs to make sure the house they want to buy is in good shape. For most people, the ideal way to accomplish this aim is with the help of Kelowna House Assessment Inspectors. A house inspector can help anyone spot potential problems and think about how best to fix them. Here are some of the most common problems found during a standard home inspection:

  • Water Damage
    Water can be highly damaging to any property. When excess water gets inside, it can cause water damage of all kinds including damage to tiles, carpeting and ceilings. While water damage can be easily corrected, any good inspector will provide insights as to where it came from and how to prevent the damage from happening again.
  • Lack of Proper Hand Rails
    Another common problem seen during many home inspections are the lack of hand rails next to a staircase. Staircases can be quite steep. Safety is very important in order to prevent potential accidents. A staircase will need a place where it is possible for people to hold on to as they go down the steps. The hand rail may also be improperly installed.
  • Lead Paint
    While lead paint was outlawed many decades ago, it is still in use in some older homes. Lead paint can cause all kinds of problems if it flakes off. A home inspector will be able to point out where the paint may be lead and suggest steps to remove it or cover it up so it no longer poses a danger to the occupants. In many cases, it is possible to remove the paint easily and avoid any further potential dangers.
  • Not Up to Code
    Building codes vary from place to place. In some places, such codes can be quite strict. A deck or other addition to the house may not have been build in accordance with such codes. A deck can be too large for the lot or lack necessary safety measures. This can create a problem for the potential homeowner that they need to know about. The deck may need to be taken down or it may be necessary to install certain additional items so it does meet such codes.
  • Improperly Installed Windows
    Windows are one of the important elements in any house. All windows need to be in good working order to help let in light and keep out rain, snow and extra heat or cold. Many inspections find that the windows in a house have not been properly installed. The windows may not open all the way. There may be cracks in the mechanism of the window. An inspector can determine what can be easily fixed and what need to be entirely redone.
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    How To Lower Your Cost Of Living

    Okay, so this is a little off-topic but it’s still within the realm of healthy living so I thought it is worth a few minutes of our time.

    Tiny House SettingLiving paycheck to paycheck has become so commonplace that few people realize that living that way really isn’t very healthy.

    But you don’t have to live your life that way – you have choices.

    There are ways that you can lower your living expenses:

    Do you really need the big, expensive, gas guzzling car or truck? Maybe you could get a used, smaller vehicle and get rid of your car payment.

    Think about inexpensive ways that you could upgrade your house so that you are heating and cooling it more efficiently which would mean less costly utility bills.

    Find a place to live that is closer to your place of work that would mean less commute – less commute, less expense. Maybe you could get close enough that you could walk or bike to work. That would serve two purposes – you get your exercise and save money.

    By eating more meals at home and taking healthy food to work with you, you could save tons of money. Buying your meals adds up a lot of expense very quickly and the food wouldn’t be as good as what you make yourself.

    The biggest savings would come from downsizing your home. The smaller the home, the more affordable it is to buy and the less it costs to live in.

    Downsizing – A Small Home

    Small Summer HomeIf you are like most people, your biggest expense if your house. If you rent, you are paying for someone else’s mortgage. They are gaining equity at with your money. Sure, you don’t have the added expense of property taxes and upkeep but do you think that your landlord hasn’t factored that amount into your monthly rent?

    If I told you there is a way that you could own and live in your own house and the cost of your mortgage will be less than what you are paying right now for your house whether you rent or own it.

    You can own a house and still have a little something extra to spend on yourself, doing what is really important to you.

    Change Takes Time

    It’s not easy to make changes to a routine. Changing the way you have been living is not an easy task but if you implement even one of the above, you will notice a difference in your expenses.

    When you incorporate all the changes, you will notice a huge difference – for the better.

    If you find change difficult, make a plan to change things over a number of months or years. Change doesn’t have to happen quickly. Just make sure to stick to the plan if you want to make your life better.

    Make sure to congratulate yourself on each successful change.

    Get excited.

    Give yourself a pat on the back.

    Give yourself a reward.

    Whatever works for you to keep moving forward toward the end goal.

    Keep in mind that all the changes you are making will pay off in the long run. One day soon you’ll be living the good life, one that is free of the financial stresses of your previous life.

    Start with something small and work your way up to the big changes.

    Everything will come together.

    The end result is that you will have money to spare, a little breathing room, and a much better lifestyle.

    How do I know all this?

    Because I’ve been there.

    One day I came to the realization that life was not as good as it could be. From that day forward, I started making changes. It took a few years to reach my first goal but I did it.

    I’m not done. I have some new goals and I’m working on those.

    I will get there, just as I did with the first goal I gave myself.

    Today, I am almost completely debt-free and I owe it all to the fact that I gave up many of the unnecessary things in my life.

    And I don’t miss all the time it took to clean and maintain the big house. Cleaning my small place takes approximately one-hour – and I’m done.

    I live in a very small mortgage free house, my expenses are minimal, and I can afford the time and money to do the things that are most important to me. What a difference a few changes and a few years have done.