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Define Vegan

Okay, when every I ask the difference I get a lot of mixed answers, I’m confused. but what are the differences between vegan and vegetarian. After looking around, I learned — Vegetarians simply don’t eat animal flesh. Depending on their reasoning for being vegetarian, any also won’t eat slaughter byproducts, such as gelatin. There are many different reasons someone might be vegetarian. . Health, religion, they simply don’t like the taste of meat, etc. The most common type of vegetarian is an ovo-lacto vegetarian, meaning they eat both eggs & dairy. This is usually what is meant when a person describes themselves as vegetarian. There are also ovo-vegetarians, who will eat eggs, but not dairy, and lacto-vegetarians who will eat dairy products but not eggs. Veganism is a lifestyle. It isn’t just about what you eat. Due to personal ethics, vegans abstain as much as they possibly & reasonably can from consuming or participating in anything that exploits any sentient being. Vegans don’t eat anything derived from animals (meat, dairy, eggs, honey, many lesser-known ingredients) or wear animal based fabrics like leather, wool, any kind of fur, or silk. They also don’t use anything that contains animal derived products (such as toiletries that contain lanolin, beeswax, etc. ) or has been tested on animals. In addition, they don’t support “entertainment” involving animals, like circuses, rodeos, & such. Someone who is vegan only in what they eat & not all of that other stuff would be considered a strict vegetarian, *not* vegan. There are also raw vegans who are the same as vegans only they don’t eat any food that has been cooked at a temperature higher than 118F.

Vegan Banana Pancakes

Basically a standard pancake recipe but with chocolate soyamilk instead of milk and mashed banana instead of eggs. I’ve heard somewhere before that mashed bananas might be used as an egg substitute, does anyone know if it would work in pancakes though. After looking around, I learned — Soy milk might be used in place of cows’ milk in equal proportion, so probably, yes. And half a large banana might be used in place of one egg, if you don’t mind a strong banana flavor and not much lift. So if you don’t care that your pancakes won’t be super fluffy, it should work.


Yes, why? No, why. Well, I have your answer. Vegetarianism is NOT a waste of time, being veg*n does make a difference. Vegetarianism and veganism about supply and demand. If you boycott meat consumption you will reduce the demand for meat, and in turn prevent animals being bred for meat. When people say vegetarians ‘save’ 100 animals per year, they aren’t saved in the sense that any body rescues them and they live happily ever after. They are saved by preventing the need for the animals to be bred in the first place. So by being vegetarian you prevent the unnecessary birth and cruel slaughter of about 100 animals. Each year 50 billion animals are slaughtered for food around the world – to feed 6 billion people. Just do the math. . it doesn’t seem fair or just to me. By switching to a vegetarian diet, you will save more than 100 animals a year. Every little bit counts. Any contribution to the veg*n cause it a worthy contribution.

Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins on vegetarianism, animal rights, slavery and living an ethical life.

Vegetarian Websites

I want to become of vegetarian and learn all about a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Please suggest some GOOD sites and books. Thanks. Do you know what I found? Vegetarian Forum that is well moderated and full of friendly and helpful vegetarians: Sites to get some information on how to be a healthy vegetarian: Site with hidden animal ingredients (some are avoided by vegetarians and some by vegans, you can tell the difference because the ones that the animal had to die for everyone avoids and the ones that are obtained from milk or another byproduct are only avoided by vegans): I can’t recommend any books about eating healthy as a vegetarian (although I have heard “The China Study” is quite informative), but I can recommend some cookbooks: Veganomicon Venturesome Vegetarian Cooking Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World Good luck becoming a vegetarian.

Supplements For Vegans

I know vegans need to take supplements cause their diet lacks vitamins B 1&2, iron, iodine. Etc. So is their a magic supplement for vegans that provides all the essentials. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. I don’t need to take supplements. I get plenty of Vitamin B12 from Marmite, Vitamins B1 & B2 from spinach, soya beans, asparagus, okra and nuts. I get plenty of iron from Spinitch, kale and Kidney beans and iodine from Vecon and Seaweeds rich in iodine. You don’t even have a clue about basic nutrition do you?