Accidentally Vegan

On peta’s accidentally vegan, I can’t believe it’s vegan page, do those foods exclude gelatin and honey also? Mariposa Moon, I know what gelatin and honey are. I was asking a general question about the website. It’s not okay to eat honey either. But thanks anyway. Moostang, pardon my immaturity, but you’re an idiot. I don’t know why you bothered answering my question. Moostang, don’t tell me to get a clue about biology when I’m a biology major in college, you cattle rancher. Also, I don’t want to eat those products. That’s why I was making sure they did not contain them. Maybe if you weren’t so busy torturing animals, you could learn how to read. I think I found an answer. Yes, the foods are what Peta refers to as “99. 9% vegan. ” They exclude everything but “trace amounts” which could be found from being processed on the same equipment or in the same buildings as some non-edible foods. Such a thing would be listed as an allergen warning because some people have deadly allergies to even the oils of certain products. Peta considers these products to be vegan however because “animal safety is more important than personal purity,” meaning that no animals were used or harm for the products themselves and vegans and vegetarians need to support such products, even if trace amounts of bad things accidentally get in. However, read the labels because it is not updated often. Wonderbread and an other bread they have are not vegan because they have since then added whey.

I review red bean bars (frozen azuki bean bars), an Asian dessert.

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  1. Grace Terrence says:

    If you got it from PETA, it absolutely does not contain honey or gelatin. Thats a PETA cardinal sin.

  2. Wiz Eaddy says:

    Maybe the self-proclaimed cattle rancher is ticked because people are becoming more educated and she’s losing business. I have not bought meat in over two years; Diary in eggis in about a year and a half.

    Also, the one who posted the question was just inquiring as to what the ingredients in the foods listed do and don’t include.

    Also, just because it’s vegan, I do try to avoid it. While I’ve not written and complained yet, about a month ago, I went to a Wonder Hostess bakery outlet store where the bread was around $1 a bag. I did not buy anything, as one of the first three or four ingredients was corn syrup and/or high fructose corn syrup. Ick. My husband has been buying the gluten-free spouted bread for the cleansing diet he’s on. We’ve been sharing that.

    I digress.

  3. Bright Eyes Nguyen says:

    you could always contact peta and ask them. they are very open to questions, and general contact from anyone interested.

  4. Florida Richards says:

    If they are vegan foods then they dont contain gelatin or honey.

  5. Dharmu X1 says:

    Who cares what peta says if you want to eat gelatin or honey, eat it. Don’t worry about some guidelines. If you don’t think it’s bad to eat it then, go ahead. If God did not intend for us to eat it, he wouldn’t make it taste good. Cows have no other purpose on this planet, if we didn’t need them for meat, they wouldn’t be here. The west wasn’t won on salad. And those of you eating all the veggies, you are using up all the veggies for the cows to eat. It’s a natural order, our bodies were made for meat consumption. We are omnivours. So get over it and eat a steak for goodness sakes!!!

    Well if your asking about if you can have it, then obviously you was wanting to have it or it would not be an issue! So if you want to consume it then why let any guidelines tell you other wise. You are your own person, don’t let some stupid PETA guidelines tell you what you want. And by the way I am not stupid, I am very educated, and understand the facts of life, I am an ominvore which means my body was made to consume veggies and meat, we don’t have the teeth for just a pretty smile. Learn a little biology and maybe you can get a clue! I was trying to give you an objective view of your question. You asked I answered!

  6. Dharmu Jackson says:

    Gelatin is made from the bones of cows. So that is definitely a no. Honey is a natural sweetener made by bees and does not harm bees in taking it for our consumption, so honey is good, especially if it is still raw. That said, there are any vegans who do not eat honey–or yeast.

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