Becoming A Vegan

I’m 15 and I’m thinking about becoming vegan. I am already a vegetarian but what foods can a vegan not eat besides meat and dairy products?& Can vegans eat saltine crackers,peanut butter and jelly? -Thanks ♥. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. DO…. Become a vegan.. It rocks.. Vegans dont eat jelly, or anything with gelatine.. Meat, or any animal products. . As long as you get a balanced diet it is fine. I got blood tests and I have better blood then my doctor. We cannot get vitamin b though, but that can be got from suppliments, all other nutrients are somewhat easy to get too especially from suppliments, think of the saturated fat in milk, all the pregnancies cows have to go through to produce the milk. It is meant for calves, and humans are the only mammals who drink milk past weaning. We can get iron from veg and fortified cereals, im vegan for 2 years and im not anaemic. . Been off dairy for 7 years and im healthy, although I indulge in vegan junk a bit much so could loose a few pounds. . . We dont need a lot of protein, only a few grams a day which is easy to get. Soya beans contain around 74%HBV protein which is not far off meat, it is really brilliant to be vegan and there are any lovely recipes, my sister makes the best vegan cakes, and its my birthday tuesday so I look forward to one.. Go vegan. . It realy is brilliant.. Whoooo go vegan…. X

5 replies on “Becoming A Vegan”

  1. Jasmine Camry says:

    basically nothing that comes from other animals

  2. Mindy Jackson says:

    i believe that being a vegan can make you unhealthy. I wouldn’t do it if I were you.

  3. J. Jeffs385 says:

    I would not recommend becoming a vegan. As far as I know, vegans eat only fruits and vegetables. There are some vitamins and minerals only found in meat or meat replacements, and even if becoming vegan sounds healthy, it really isn’t.

  4. Grace says:

    Except for Meat and Dairy products anything with Gelatin in it or Animal enzymes. make sure u eat a lot of healthy veggies to survive.

  5. Andy Smith says:

    vegans cannot eat honey, jello eggs amoung other things. They can eat peanutbutter and any jelly (some jelly has gelitan) and when saltines dont have eggs milk or butter which they might check the ingredients.

    Honestly I would not suggest being a vegan. You can get really sick and your body will not get enough vitamins. I’ve been one for a little while.

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