Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. There are many benefits of becoming a vegetarian, it can reduce the risks of cancers/diseases: 1. Lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer. A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and fiber can help reduce the risk of lung disease and related illnesses. 2. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common with the rise of obesity around the world, and vegetarian diets may even can prevent it by including complex carbs and fiber that help the body manage insulin more efficiently. 3. Healthy skin. Diets rich in water-based and plant foods are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins-ideal for healthier skin every season. 4. Chemical-free food. Meat-based diets take in animal cells and fats, along with chemicals and by products used on the animals during processing. This can include chmicals sprayed on the dead animal, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients used for packaging and mass distribution. 5. Hormone-free eating. Fruits, vegetables, and soy products are never injected with growth hormones and other chemicals that may harm the human body. 6. Increased energy. With the body spending less time digesting animal protein, an energy boost is a nice side effect. 7. Lower blood pressure. Vegan and vegetarian diets can be naturally low in fat and sodium, helping reduce blood pressure and improve circulation instead. 8. I’mproved digestion. Plant-based foods and fresh fruita are rich in fiber, improving the digestion and elimination process. High fiber diets have also been linked to preventing certain types of cancer. 9. Lowered risk of diabetes. Steady blood sugar is easily achieved with a nutritions vegetarian diet, and the cycle of blood sugar peaks and crashes is almost eliminated without the meat and unhealthy carb combinations. 10. Lower grocery shopping bills. By shopping the perhymeter of the grocery store and stocking up on high-fiber, highly nutritious food, vegetarians can eliminate almost 25% of their food budgets without pounds of meat on the bill. In any cases this balances out if the vegetarian shopper chooses to buy premium veg brands and gourmet ingredients, but average costs do tend to be much lower per trip. 11. Toxin-free food. Some studies suggest that when animals experience fear, the adrenaline rush causes a release of epinephrine, steroids, and other stress hormones into the bloodstream. These are then ingested by the meat eater, presenting a range of toxins that can accumulate in the blood. 12. Healthy amino acids. Plant-based proteins (e. G. Soy) can be an excellent source of amino acids that help with protein assimilation and metabolism. 13. Low or no saturated fat. Vegetarian menus typicall use all-natural oils and cooking methods to enhance flavor. This is free of unhealthy saturated fat which can lead to a variety of heart problems and cardiovascular disease. 14. Increased life span. With the body in harmony and free of harmful toxins and chemical buildup, vegetarians may live longer than their fellow meat eaters. According to William Cstelli, MD, director f or the Farmingham Heart Study, vegetarians can live up to 3-6 years longer than meat eaters. 15. Appreciation for simple flavors. After eliminating meat from the diet, it becomes much easier to differentiate flavors and get a real taste for fruits and vegetables. Palettes can become much more sensitive to different flavors, textures, and combinations. 16. Healthy cholesterol levels. Without unhealthy meat and fat sources in the diet, cholesterol levels of vegetarians can be considerably lower and easily fall into a healthy range. 17. Lower risk of cancer. With a diet rich in antioxidants, phytochemical, and vitamins, vegetarians naturally lower their risk of cancer and other diseases. Meat eaters, especially those that indulge in fatty meats are at a much higher risk of cancer.

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  1. Wizard X1 says:

    Like any diet, the health benefits (or drawbacks) depend entirely on exactly what foods you are eating within those defined parameters. If you are consuming mostly sugary foods, grain foods, processed foods, and refined vegetable oils, then don’t expect any health benefits whatsoever – in-fact, expect quite the opposite.

    The only real innate benefit to being a vegetarian/vegan is that you are minimizing your personal footprint and association, with regards to the abuse and torture of animals within the factory-farm industries.

  2. Paulina Durham says:

    I have been a vegetarian my whole life. Never had meat, except unintentionally. I think the benefits are that it makes your complexion considerably better, though it depends how much grilled cheeses or chips you eat. I have also been immersed with animals all my life, and I see them as our companions, not excactly food. It is actually very healthy to be, I guess you’d call it an omnivore, since that’s the way humans have lived since forever. Being vegetarian also effects the earth in any ways, go to wiki because I forget.

    I think it’s quite funny that even Venus flytraps and pitcher plants think that we vegetarians are stupid. Just a thought.

  3. Lyz Johnson says:

    if you have a vegan plant based whole foodsdiet it is pretty much impossible to have heart problems and 1 out of 2 women die from heart disease in the US

  4. Harpy Baghwan says:

    No benefits to medically fit people. The human body is made to eat and digest meat.

  5. Valen Johnson says:

    None (on its own). but for any the feeling of not being selfish & not descriminating against other species is good enough.

  6. Mandy Raneesh says:

    Contrary to one of the ignorant people on here, the human body is NOT designed to eat meat. And unlike them, I will actually provide evidence:

  7. Valen Jeffs says:

    The benefits of going vegetarian

  8. Valen Burbank says:

    Dear Erin

    Please when you show us your “proof” can you link to a site that gives their information in a unbiased manner and that can back up their claims with cold hard fact from trusted sources.

    Your evidence looks shoddy at best and a downright veg/vegan propaganda fabrication at worst it provides no souses where they got their information from and thus said information cannot be trusted to be anywhere near accurate and their disclaimer on the front page is unsettling too.

    “Statements made on this site are for informational purpose only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. None of the statements made on this site have been approved or reviewed by the FDA”

    “Although every attempt has been made to supply factual and helpful information throughout celestialhealing. net please be aware that none of the content on this site should be taken as medical advice”

    To the original poster I suggest you consult your doctor instead of asking a question on here and getting a whole host of biased answers from very narrow minded people who portray their opinion as fact.

  9. Dee Durham says:

    -Low chloesterol in your diet
    -Supporting animal rights/refusing to support farm factories
    -More enviormentally friendly
    -If the diet is done correctly, vegetarians tend to eat more fruits/vegetables, ccausing them to comsume more disease fighting antioxidents
    -If the diet is done correctly, vegetarians tend to weigh less

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