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I'm 14, and I'm very active, I run every day hard slopes and short, too long and slow tracks. I also do basic stuff like that every day too. I was a vegan for like a little over two weeks, and I'm wondering what kind of food should I get for protein, I burn tons of calories every day just to say. As much protein should I get these foods, I feel better when I run now, I'm vegan, but I need to build more muscle for my sprint events. BTW, I'm cross-country and Athletics. Well, I have your answer. The best sources of protein, vegan beans and nuts. Quiona is good too – to add something good, by itself, is not good at all. Soy products contain protein, but also sugars and fats, does not consume so much of them. Tofu is good and does not contain as much fat as all soy products. (Personally, I've never taken supplements / protein powder, I am vegan and I have been all my life, I ran competitive skiing since I was 11 and also 800 and 1500 meters track, I 18 now) Hope this helps.

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  1. Dee says:

    Well because your vegan, you get almost little or no protein. Eventually, your body will start eating muscles, because it has nothing to over-invest in building protein powder (vegan well. Some are made with animal products), all types of nuts that are rich in protein or tofu vegan. You need to consume a lot more since you are vgtalien.Attention: Be careful of sugar and salt content. If you consume a lot more of something, you can eat much salt and sugar. A slab of steak is all meat, no sugars and salts malsaines.Aussi, try googling “Recipes Vegan Athlete” and see what happens

  2. Wizard Masterson says:

    Quinoa and nuts (almonds) are very rich in protein. Also, you can get protein by eating beans and seeds. Good luck

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