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Well I was just wondering if stuff like tofutti brands,morning star farms,and other vegan products are a lot more high-priced than regular every day foods?and is there a web site that I can go to that shows me the prices of vegan foods. Today I found out that… Vegan food is simply any food that is non-animal. An apple is vegan food. I think you mean meat-substitutes. Personally, I rarely use them. I just eat a lot of whole grains and beans and fruits and vegetables. Really, there’s nothing special about vegan food — it’s just food that doesn’t come from an animal. That’s all.

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  1. TuffGirl Robot says:

    The vegan foods you buy in the store are more expensive because the capitalize on selling to the vegans,,,you are better off going to the health food stores and buying that way.

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