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What can I eat when I become a vegan? What exactly is a vegan. Do you know what I found? "Vegans eschew all proteins and by-products of animal origin. This is the most extreme form of vegetarian diet, as vegans get all of their nutrition from grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds . And vegans should avoid a large number of food products on the market that contain animal protein -. Most breads are made with eggs, for example, and many non-dairy products are thickened with casein, a protein extracted from milk Even vegetarian "burgers" often contain eggs Despite the difficulties, the vegan. Regime has steadily grown in popularity in recent years, more and more vegetarian tag readers have become aware and vegan food companies Friendly created more products for them to enjoy. "

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  1. Florida Lowell153 says:

    Nothing of an animal, be it meat or animal bi product like milk.

  2. Sunna Eaddy says:

    A vegan who eats no objects from a source of meat such as milk of a cow.

  3. Kayson Jackson says:

    Someone who can not eat animals or biproduct of euxlait, eggs, etc.

  4. Lyz Lowell433 says:

    A vegan is a person who does not eat anything that has to do with animals – yes, no meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, gelatin, honey. . . Many vegan also wear shoes that are made of synthetic or pleather rather than leather materials.

  5. Depressed Robot says:

    A vegan does not eat anything that comes from animals (living creature) and is produced by an animal, they do not eat milk, honey etc.

  6. Mindy Raneesh345 says:


  7. A. Dree899 says:

    A vegan is a person who does not eat meat. You can eat anything exept meat.

  8. Terry Smith says:

    No meat, poultry or poissonPas of oeufsPas products laitiersPas mielPas of wool, fur or cuirAucune gelatin, rennet casein orTo summarize: No animal products

  9. Rachel Lowell says:

    VEGETARIAN ABSOLURien consumed or containing bits and animal parts.

  10. Mindi Fujiyama says:

    Yes, you called? LolAucun animal products. No meat, dairy, eggs, no honey. Not only that, but there are other ingredients of animal origin used in many foods. As whey, gelatin, L-cysteine and many others. No animal products in shampoos and cosmetics and is only shoes made of materials synthethic (not suede, leather). It seems pretty overwhelming, but it's really not a big stretch. You can send me a message for more information or whatever.

  11. Wiz Lowell says:


  12. Florida Nesmith says:

    Try this site, it should explain everything you need to know.

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