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Okay, when every I ask the difference I get a lot of mixed answers, I’m confused. but what are the differences between vegan and vegetarian. After looking around, I learned — Vegetarians simply don’t eat animal flesh. Depending on their reasoning for being vegetarian, any also won’t eat slaughter byproducts, such as gelatin. There are many different reasons someone might be vegetarian. . Health, religion, they simply don’t like the taste of meat, etc. The most common type of vegetarian is an ovo-lacto vegetarian, meaning they eat both eggs & dairy. This is usually what is meant when a person describes themselves as vegetarian. There are also ovo-vegetarians, who will eat eggs, but not dairy, and lacto-vegetarians who will eat dairy products but not eggs. Veganism is a lifestyle. It isn’t just about what you eat. Due to personal ethics, vegans abstain as much as they possibly & reasonably can from consuming or participating in anything that exploits any sentient being. Vegans don’t eat anything derived from animals (meat, dairy, eggs, honey, many lesser-known ingredients) or wear animal based fabrics like leather, wool, any kind of fur, or silk. They also don’t use anything that contains animal derived products (such as toiletries that contain lanolin, beeswax, etc. ) or has been tested on animals. In addition, they don’t support “entertainment” involving animals, like circuses, rodeos, & such. Someone who is vegan only in what they eat & not all of that other stuff would be considered a strict vegetarian, *not* vegan. There are also raw vegans who are the same as vegans only they don’t eat any food that has been cooked at a temperature higher than 118F.

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  1. Rachel Lowell says:

    Vegetarians- no meat(no fish, beef, chicken), but sometimes milk, butter, cheese, eggs, and honey.
    Vegans- no meat, no milk, no butter, no cheese, no eggs, no honey, no leather, no animal furs, no cosmetics or shampoo that has been tested on animals, nothing to do with harming animals of any kind.

  2. TuffGirl Burbank says:

    Vegetarians don’t eat meat. They don’t eat things that have meat flavoring or things such as chicken broth. They just eat beans, vegetables, fruits, noodles, and ect.

    Vegans don’t eat all the same things vegetarians don’t eat plus they don’t eat any dairy products at all and nothing that has dairy products in it.

  3. Marcalo Birdman says:

    Vegetarians- People who don’t eat meat.
    Vegans- Weirdos

  4. Mary-Kathryn Terrence says:

    vegetarian:eater of fruits and grains and nuts; someone who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products

    vegan:a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all

  5. TuffGirl Robot says:

    vegetarian- doesn’t eat meat
    (also named lacto-ovo vegetarian, this is the most common form)
    can be divided in to
    lacto-vegetarian- doesn’t eat meat or eggs but consumes dairy
    ovo-vegetarian- doesn’t eat meat or dairy but consumers eggs.

    vegan-doesn’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy. they also don’t use anything that has harmed an animal such as no makeup that was tested on animal and no leather couches because they are made out of leather.

  6. Daytona Jackson247 says:

    My brother is a vegetarian and my best friend is a vegan.

    Vegetarians- Do not eat meat. As in chicken, steak, pork ECT. Some eat fish, any don’t. They get their protein from products like morning star and other soy based products.

    Vegans- Do not eat any bi-products of animals. Such as meat, eggs, milk ect. They also get protein from soy based products but they have to be more careful with their choices so that they don’t accidentally eat something with eggs or milk. There are many products like dairy free (soy based) cheese’s, milks and eggs.

    Hope I helped!
    Answer mine?

  7. Kayson Dree says:

    there are two types of vegetarian-

    an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian- which means u still eat eggs, cheese, milk, youhurts and other dairy products etc but no meat/poultry whatsoever and then you have-

    a Lacto Vegetarian- which is exactly the same as above but without the eggs. This is what kind of veggie I am I love cheese and yoghurts etc but no mean/poultry or eggs etc

    then your vegans dont have anything to do with animals at all no dairy at all and no meat/poultry and some dont even wear leather and fur.

    It is not true that we only eat rice and noodles etc like someone said theres plenty of tasty vegetarian meals like mushroom carbonara pasta or mushroom lasagne, four bean chillli with rice, cheese enchalladas, mac n cheese, fettucine alfredo and soups etc those who only eat beans and rice are those without creativity. Ironically I dont really like much veggies but I can still eat lovely dinners.

    Some1 also said a vegetarian is just a diet plan that is ridiculous, its a lifestyle choice

    anyway hope this helps lol x

  8. Depressed says:

    Lacto Vegetarian – No animal products except dairy
    Ovo Vegetarian – No animal products except eggs
    Lacto Ovo Vegetarian – No animal products except dairy and eggs
    Vegan – No animal products

  9. Ms Masterson says:

    vegan- eat/use no animal products whatsoever. (food, clothing. . . even what they choose as entertainment like going to zoos or circuses with animal acts. . . or pet shops) it’s not just a diet.

    vegetarian- don’t eat meat (or things with animal fat, gelatin. . . other strange ingredients) and can choose to include eggs and dairy if they want.

  10. Jasmine Birdman says:

    Vegetarian- Don’t eat and animal products(Beef, Chicken, Pork ect. )
    Vegan- No animal or animal Bi-products(Cheese, Milk, Chicken, Eggs ect. )

  11. J. Richards says:

    vegan- uses no animal products, this is a lifestyle. this includes things outside of diet.
    strict vegetarian – uses no animal products in their diet.
    vegetarian – does not eat meat or slaughter by-products, this is just a diet.

  12. Bright Eyes Lowell24 says:

    Bust a move!

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