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The definition of vegan is: Do not eat / drink animal products or animals. But a vegan child can drink his / her breast milk. So, by definition, a vegan mother is not an "animal"? I really do not want to offend anyone by that, I was just wondering. Essentially – Your definition of a vegan is correct, but not in the way you say it. Vegans are against any Reactor Operating animals for human purposes. A baby drinking her breast milk is not operating any kind. Human milk is made for human babies, cow's milk is not it is for calves. Obamas for shoes and many non-vegan babies die of malnutrition among children each year? People who feed their children soy milka juice dn are not vegans, they are either ridiculously stupid or simply malicious. Nothing to do with being vegan. A vegan with a balanced diet provides all the nutrients an infant needs.

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  1. Ms says:

    Yes vegans can breastfeed, although their milk may lack certain elements that can affect the brain development of the baby. About a vegan dies every two years, the parents feed only soy milk and fruit juices.

  2. Mandy Johnson says:

    It is a strange world where the milk from your own mother is in question but milking a cow is considered normal.

  3. Sunna Richards246 says:

    “The definition of vegan is: Do not eat / drink animal products or animals.” — No it's not. OK, it is not in the context you use it. Humans are animals. It would not be vegan if breast milk was taken from a female without her consent.

  4. A. Camry says:

    This is an interesting question I almost spit my mouthful of veal when I read it. I probably would if it was not cooked rare ion prefect.

  5. Mary-Kathryn Burbank541 says:

    Cows make milk for their babies. Human mothers make milk for their babies. Each animal brand women's milk for their young. He is the man who chose to use the milk of other animaux.Rpondre anyone below. Vegans are similar irresponsible irresponsible omnivores. A vegan baby can get all the nutrients from the mother's milk and soy formula if necessary not soy milk since not all the nutrients a baby needs more.

  6. Sunna Smith says:

    Vegan means not exploit animals for our own use. Vegans do not eat things other animals. A mother who is breastfeeding is exactly what nature intended, no creature is exploited or injured. Yes, a vegan mother is an animal, but she would care for her own child, do not disturb or take the resources of another creature for his own benefit or use. Big difference.

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