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What are some easy ready to go Vegan Foods? SOY JOY I know not, but what is it? As cereals, breads ETC. As a snack? And what are the PRO'S & Con to become vegan? I want to become a vegan to change my health, but I need foods that are vegans who have the same nutrients in them. And can someone give me an example of a guest day? Snack? Lunch? Snack? Dinner? THANK YOU I really appreciate Ive been trying to research BUT IT WAS NOT help as much as I need. Today, I discovered that vegan foods … Easy? You mean more vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes? Quick snack: Pita and / or vegetables + hummus, bean dip, guacamole and / or bars babaganooj-Clif, Clif Builder bars, and Luna bars (but not Luna protein bars or cookies)-Mrs. Mays bars or nut clusters States tortilla chips chips States (most baked goods are also vegan-friendly, but double check), most dark chocolates that are not Dove, Hershey or Nestle (popular brands include Lindt, but always double check .. And cocoa butter is vegan) -sandwiches/wraps you-fruit-nuts (raw, grilled or roasted / salted .. If we add flavors just double check they are vegan) – Cereals and breads vegetables vary by company and region. Typically, sourdough breads and French are vegan-friendly, but always check. Corn tortillas are mainly vegan as long as they do not contain lard. Vitamin D3 (Cholcalciferol) is not vegan and is in most General Mills cereal brand. Typically, a grain of corn flakes is vegan-friendly, as are most oatmeals (when ordering a restaurant, always ask if they add milk / butter). Starbucks oatmeal is perfect vegan-friendly. Vegan foods generally have more nutrients in them than non-vegetarian food. All the vitamins, minerals and ideal macronutrient (including proteins) are easy to find in vegan foods. I wrote a few blog posts about protein, calcium and iron. . Do not hesitate to contact me for the link. For more vegan: Food is cheaper, you have more energy, your stools are easier and more consistent, you do not feel bloated. Cons of becoming vegan: Eating out can be embarrassing, all the stupid questions are boring. Example vegan Plan: Breakfast: 1 cup of cooked oatmeal w / 1 handful each of mixed nuts and dried fruits, served with fresh fruit or fruit juice. Snack: Apple / banana with peanut butter, or 1 cup of fruit + 1 knob handle (preferably raw) Lunch: Minestrone soup or house pasta loaded with vegetables + fruit or try a vegetarian burrito (beans + vegetables + guacamole) with 1 cup of fruit OR try filled with rice pilaf with a side of beans vegetables. Snack: Half a sandwich or a cup of soup or raw vegetables with hummus (or another most valuable diving) Dinner: Vegetables and sliced portobello mushrooms (or beans or tempeh or tofu) sauteed with seasoning and vegetarian hoisin sauce. Serve with noodles (check to ensure that no animal product) or rice. Dessert: Dark chocolate or 2 oz dark chocolate 1 oz with 1 fruit. For more ideas, check out my easy recipes: Please email me or ask a question about my blog if you want me to "Veganize" a most popular meal of yours. . I am happy to do

Bacon cheeseburgers were essentially the only burger I could never eat before going vegan. I was a girl chicken sandwich, but there was something. . .

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    No marshmallows. It surprised me too. Or definitely. Soup

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    -This has not to do with snacks, but you can order coffee and soy milk ANYWHERE milk substitute in a glass pita chips and hummus (I have not tried the hummus until j 'was vegan … Personally it took a while to get used to both the texting and taste … But I love it now) mixed-noixRiz cracker mixture (really cheap, and really good) Popcorn Orville Redenbackers NATURAL slightly salty-most pop-tarts All chips without cheese. . Some are more difficult to guess whether vegan, like Doritos Sweet and Spicy (which are really good), so check labels to be sure-chips and salsa-most cereals-some kind of bars vallePuces-Terra chips lgumesMlanges Snack on fruit rolls over dairy-less Kroger brand gummies / (without gelatin) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls / turnover: Just put the fruit topping and bake in fruiting. . . . I always forget fruit, but they are healthy and tasteful and arent too expensive, most crackers / Triscuits-

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