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Do not say "gum has no meat in it." It does not, but it has gelatin, glycerin, stearic acid and other animal by-products. If anyone knows where I can get vegan chewing gum, I'd appreciate What I discovered was -. Here is my standard answer to the question of gum veg friendly (I guess I could call a faqs More details once it – – The main problem with * any * kind of chewing or bubble gum .. Is the basis of this gum is a type of product item defined standard that the manufacturer will not be able to tell you what ingredients used in the following that the VRG said about the gum base .. "Most chewing gum innocently list" gum base "as one of their ingredients, masking the fact that the oil lanolin, glycerin, polyethylene, vinyl acetate, petroleum wax, stearic acid and the latex (a possible allergen) can be among the components. Because of standards of identity for items such as gum base and flavoring, manufacturers are not required to list everything in their product. According Dertoline, a French manufacturer of chemicals, their "dercolytes" adhesives are used as a label and tape, as well as a chewing gum base. Several brands also indicate glycerin and glycerol as ingredients on the label. Both animal can be derived. "There was a gum base which used 100% raw sugar and flavorings herbal chicle, but I have not noticed anyone selling a few years. Here's a link to the gum, no information on where to buy it, but it has a phone number United States and there is a e-mail address on the home page .. — Wrigley begs the question of gum base and gives them their standard response glycerin is vegetable based Glee gum is not vegan spot Not only that, they also bypass questions about the actual content of their products. They do not say that their product is 100% made from chicle, but instead use "weasel words like" ". . Is done with. . "Or". . Contains. . . "They refused to answer this legally binding issue I ask food manufacturers:" Is that your product contains ingredients of animal origin, or processed products with animal ingredients, or ingredients that originally derived from an animal source and / or products are originally from an animal source used in the manufacture of your product? "Speakeasy is the only manufacturer of gum that has answered my question with a simple" Our products and manufacturing processes are completely free of any animal matter. "

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  1. Bright Eyes Fujiyama says:

    Well, if you are familiar with all the ingredients of animal origin az. . Or just go to a grocery store or supermarket and read the ingredients and choose a brand that does not have any ingredients of animal origin elle.c is what I do and I'm a vegan.

  2. Mandy Raneesh756 says:

    Wrigley gum is vegan, they use a base of vegetable glycerin.

  3. Bright Eyes Johnson420 says:

    Trader Joe door GLEE gum which is not only vegan but NATURAL. Almost all gum contains artificial sweeteners bad, but not GLEE.Check it:

  4. Harpy Eaddy says:

    Your best bet would be Whole Foods, PCC, or any other health food store. They have almost everything vegan.

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