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Good morning. I am interested in becoming a vegan but I do not know much and there is not much information that I can find. (I guess I lack research skills when it comes to the Internet) anyone can connect me to useful information vegan? Is anyone one themselves vegan? What you eat and how you go about your life? Experiences and explanations are greatly appreciated. Oh, and is it possible to eat anything sweet when being a vegan? I heard you can not eat honey. So there special little cakes for vegans everywhere? Just curios. Basically … If you're not already a vegetarian, I recommend you work at first and stick to it for at least a few months before trying to become vegan. And overlooking the childish comments on this issue, there are two main ways to cut foods out of your diet. -A solution is to slowly cut sections of the food, which is what I did. For example, you can stop eating meat all except chicken and / or fish for a month or two. So, stop eating meat, poultry and fish and eat all this way for a few months. Next, cut the eggs, and finally the milk and no trace of smaller products if you do not already have animals. -Another way is to slowly decrease the way you eat generally non-vegan foods. You can start with a completely vegetarian meals most of the time throughout the week for a month, then every few days, then all day, twice a day, three times a day, and finally all the time. I prefer the first method because it gave me more time to get used to each step and get better accustomed to not eat all foods I cut before moving on. Another thing is that you need to cook for yourself. It is an almost inevitable result, unless you are just rich enough to buy all prepackaged foods. Sure, you can eat at restaurants more decent when you know what to look for and what to ask, they do not put in your food (no cheese, no mayo, etc..) But getting a basket full most of the time throughout the week at Whole Foods can be a pain in the wallet. In this case, I recommend you do a good cookbook. I swear by both are Vegan with a Vengeance and Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, if you can find one or two that work best for you. The reason I like these two books is that they contribute to another important part of being vegan, get a variety of food and fruits and various vegetables. While mock meat can be an important source of protein, it is important not to overlook the fruits and vegetables for other nutrients. And if you have a good cookbook, it means you do not have to eat raw broccoli and carrots all the time (unless you want to, of course). But when you eat a varied and learn to substitute diet, you can eat almost anything. (I must admit that you can not be very happy with vegan cheese. I've never been too crazy about cheese, so it was not a big problem for me.) But once you can replace you can cook almost anything you can not find already packaged, like spaghetti, chili, stir-fries, pancakes, tofu scrambles, and pizza. And there are plenty of candy you can eat vegan. Surprisingly, Oreos are vegan and there are a multitude of recipes vegan biscuits. Just the other day I made a Victoria sponge cake vegan for non-vegan friends and they loved it. Honey is a personal choice. Some vegans do not eat because they believe it is the same as taking food from someone else, others do it because insects do not feel pain or suffering as most Vegans do not eat animals. I eat honey, and I do not think I could give it up because it would mean renouncing tea and baklava. As for vegan cupcakes, of course, there is. Vegan Cupcakes take over the world that is said to be a good little cookbook vegan cake, but I have not tried myself. Desserts in the other two cookbooks usually enough for me, and you can have a local bakery that sells vegan cupcakes. (As Muddy Bake Shop for vegans Memphis.) Finally, be smart, do not stress, and cheating (at the beginning). Seriously, beginner, you might be tempted to eat something when you're not supposed to. Go ahead and do it and continue. A vegan diet takes time to get used to. And contrary to popular belief, once you're used to it, you will not go around wishing you could have a steak.

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  1. Daytona says:

    As you never have sex for the first time, you'll be OK. This is how you become and remain a vegan.

  2. J. X1 says:

    My God, yes, you can be vegan. Go to cosmosveganshoppe. Com for many vegans supplies. So you can eat sugar, just make regular cane sugar. You can find a vegan cupcake recipe online if you Google it. I'm not vegetarian, but vegetarian and vegan want to give a shot. I'm almost vegan, I started as Pescetarian, and this is my daily menu. All I have left is to expel the cheese and possibly Cheerios, so I'll be eating food that is totally vegan: Breakfast: Cheerios and milk tea sojaLe morning toast and butter arachideDjeuner: Grilled sandwich with tomato (tomato sandwich just soon) cheese tea afternoon: Toast and PBDner: C + T SandwichSouper: OreosPar addition, Oreos are vegans. The honey comes from bees, so it's a no-go. Morningstar Farms has a variety of vegan meat that tastes like meat, but vegan, yum. Also, do not forget to be vegan you can not use lip balm or cosmetics that have animal products in them or wear clothes made of wool, leather, etc.

  3. Mrs XXX957 says:

    I knew a vegan. . “Knew” She died of malnutrition = /

  4. Rachel says:

    Wow I found 6 site immediately by simply typing “vegan” in the search engine. Try vegan. Org, vegan. Com, vegansociety. Com, vegancooking. Com and PETA and PCRM both starter kits available. A search engine is something like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. (because it is obvious that you are really not very good at the Internet.) But basically, vegans do not believe in the use of animals in any way . They not only do not eat animal products, they do not wear either leather or silk (wool feel is OK, others not) or use cosmetics with all the ingredients and animals of course, none that are tested on animals. It is a way of life, even hard things like wine or sugar were filtered fish cartilage or bone char I animal I admire people with that amount of comittment. There are more vegan than there used products, if, for example, you asked about candy, you can get agave syrup in most grocery stores now, as the only good choice used to be maple syrup. Good luck to you.

  5. Depressed X1 says:

    Or vegan Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and other ingredients of animal origin. Many vegans do not eat rather than foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and wine. Most vegans also avoid the use of all products tested on animals, as well as non-food products of animal origin, such as leather, fur and laine.Il are small vegan cake recipe but I do not know if there is a bakery in your area that sells vegan cupcakes because of the many restrictions of food, if you want to cook one, you can try this recipe online

  6. Depressed Camry161 says:

    Being a vegan means not eating anything have a life was taken. So if she was still alive, now dead for you to eat, do not eat it.

  7. Mrs XXX says:

    PETA sux, but here's a starter kit:

  8. Mary-Kathryn Robot says:

    . . . Vegans do not eat meat or anything done or who came from an animal. This means that you can not eat milk, eggs, honey, cheese, yogurt etc.. You can eat vegetables and bread.

  9. Mrs XXX says:

    You have enough information. . . Now begin to eat grass and leaves and other things. . .

  10. Terry Robot says:

    I'm not vegan but completley most of my meals. This is what I ate yesterday fruitgruau with nuts and soy milk and grainespomme amandescocotte kidneybean and vegetables full quinoapain with agave syrup (very soft) and butter arachideil are tons of sites use burst google. There are special vegan cupcakes but wheather they are available for you, I would question, you can always make your own, just search for recipes. Good luck, and do not forget your supplements.

  11. Mandy Masterson says:

    When honey is not vegan, you can still eat sweets as a vegan. There are some bakeries and stores that sell things like cookies, vegan vegan cakes, muffins vegan. Depends where you live, but they also sell online.

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