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I’m a little confused about sugar. Is it vegan, why or why not? Ok say that I buy any cookies at the store, and the ingridents lists sugar. How do I know if the cookie is alright to eat? What exactly is bone char anyways? Oh. What about using splenda instead. Well, I have your answer. Some sugar is Vegan and any is Not. Bone charring is the process they use to whiten Sugar ( refine it) using Highly Burnt Animal bones . About 1/2 the sugar in the US is from Beet sugar ( they do not use bone char) Out of the other half . . 1/2 of that ( so 1/4) is actually Bone char. Domino is Bone Char. Florida Crystal and Supreme Sugar is Not Bone Char . Use Raw sugar like “Sugar in the Raw” , Evaporated cane , or Vegan Sugar. When it is in a Food unless it is marked there is No Way to tell . If there are specific companies you like to use or use often , you can contact the company . At home it is easy to buy and use the Vegan ones , when you are out , do the Best you can . EDIT: Just a note for those who have any “facts” wrong , First, City water is Never filtered through Bone Char , they use activated Charcoal , but it is from Coconut Char . A far cry from animal Bones . Second, as I said for those who wish to Make the effort , it is very easy to use Vegan sugar at home , the same goes with Vegan Wine, Vegan beer etc etc . When you are out , then you must decide how important and what you are willing to do and what you can do . We all sometimes use Non Vegan items as there are unavoidable ones . Vegan Forever

Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan. Explains if sugar is vegan. Vegina’s article:

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  1. J. Birdman113 says:

    yes it is, it’s just some sugar companies use bone char to filter the sugar,

  2. Lyz Jackson says:

    As the other responders have said, some sugar is filtered using bone char. Whether or not a particular brand has this type of sugar varies from country to country. If you’re wondering about a particular brand, the best thing you can do is ask the company. They may not know certainly (if you’re asking about a product like cookies instead of just sugar that the manufacturer makes), but a lot of the time they can tell you.

    Bone char is essentially the blackened/charred bones of slaughtered animals. They’re turned into a substance similar to charcoal that acts as a filter to remove the color from sugar (since sugar isn’t naturally white).

    There are vegan sugars on the market (in some countries all sugar is vegan). Whole Foods carries a store brand of vegan sugar (it’s labeled “vegan sugar&quot and it can be found in health food stores. Or you can use an artificial sweetner, unbleached sugar/turbinado sugar or agave nectar instead.

  3. Wiz Jackson says:

    Some people refuse to use sugar since they use bone char filters to produce it. These same people should stop using city drinking water since it also passes through bone char filters. There is on bone char in sugar or your drinking water.

  4. J. Jeffs says:

    It is vegan. . .

    please,don’t use Splenda,Splenda is ASPARTAME!

    Better natural Sugar(brown) or the same. . . . White(traditional) instead of all the ARTIFICIAL. . . . tablets with aspartame!

  5. Mindy Nguyen says:

    Many companies us bone char in the filtering process of sugar. Most vegans will not eat sugar that has been filtered this way. You can find websites online that gives a list of companies that dont use bone char. Florida Crystals does not use this technique, thats what I use. Products that have sugar in the ingredients dont tell you what the process was to filter it. You can call the company and ask, they will mostly tell you. Many vegans just dont buy products with sugar anyway.

  6. Rachel Nesmith says:

    As other posters have mentioned, granulated sugar is processed using bone char (charcoal made from animal bones, usually cows&#039. The bone char is a filter through which the cane sugar passes. Impurities stick to it, making the sugar white.

    In order to find out what sugars are okay and what aren’t, you need to write to the company to find out where they get their sugar.

    Organic sugar is almost always okay, including C&H’s Pure Cane Raw Washed and Certified Organic Sugars and Domino’s Demerara Washed Raw Can and Cane Certified Organic Sugars. Beet sugar is also not put through bone char filters.

    Florida Crystals are okay.

  7. Harpy Fujiyama says:

    It can be, but like other answerer’s said they can use bone char in the process but not all companies do that. Check with the companies if you are not sure.

  8. Randi Durham159 says:

    Raw sugar and SunCrystals brand are vegan. Domino isn’t.

    I prefer real sugar to artificial sweeteners. There is a new natural calorie free sweetener that is called erythritol. It comes from stevia and is marked as the brand name Truvia. It is supposed to be free of the questionable side-effects that are associated w/ Splenda, Equal, and Sweet & Low.

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