List of vegan foods

. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Do not trust this list. I met more products that are not vegan, that the products are. You can use the list for ideas, and just go to the grocery store to read the ingredients to see if it's really vegan. They say the bottom of the site that most of the products they consider 99. 9% vegan. Because if you boycott an almost vegan product, you will send a message to the company that there is no demand for products veganish. Cause more harm to animals when they stop them and replace with many ingredients of animal origin. The logic behind it is good, but I live by it. If the product is not vegan to begin with, they will not get that message and stop producing because they have never been attractive to vegans anyway. Just be sure, always read the ingredients.

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  1. Florida Smith says:

    Some are are pas.Ils have not updated for a moment.ADD: Here is the link:

  2. Jasmine Jeffs says:

    Of course, this is PETA

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