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I’m trying to decided which one of these diets will help me to lower my body fat % in the fastest amount of time. I am a 16 year old male and plan on lifting weights soon, if that matters. And please, no bias answers. I’m looking for scientific facts, not opinions. Thank you. Well, I have your answer right here. Low carb is definitely better. Carb, as in the bad carbs that exist in potatos, white rice, white bread, etc. That stuff makes you bloat like mad, and it’s just not healthy for you. Carbs also turn into sugar so you’re basically inhaling a lot of carbs that end up being sugar streaming through your body. By cutting our carbs, your body will be more defined (instead of bloated) plus you feel millions better and you don’t have such a risk of diabetes and whatever. It’s better to eat fruits with natural sugar, than carbs that will turn into far more dangerous sugars in your body. I gave up carbs and I’ve lost weight. I am also less bloated (my stomach has no pudge haha) and I feel better too. As yummy as carbs is, I thought I’d live eating carbs forever since I love them so. . but seeing how it is super unhealthy for you I suppose this is my lifestyle now. I find that incorporating more protein in your diet helps a lot with building more and getting leaner without losing muscle.

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  1. Mrs Eaddy says:

    You don’t want to pick an extreme like that from the beginning. it will just upset your body. instead work on transitioning to a healthier diet. So, as an example, your protein should be lean meat like fish or chicken instead of beef or pork. it should also not be more than a palm size. your veggies should be the size of two palms and your carbs should be limited to earlier in the day so you have time to burn them. there is really no limit to carbs you can eat, but kep in mind if you eat them and dont burn them, it will become fat. a meal should constitute one plate, and you should eat 5-6 meals a day every three hours or so, this way your body has energy all day and is not trying to store it, turning into fat. . for example

    7:30: 1 banana, toast and peanut butter, and a glass of vegetable juice or a smoothie.
    10:30 a peanut granola bar, and apple, 6-7 baby carrots and a glass of milk
    1:30 a filet of cod, celery, and a piece of bread
    4:30 a small fruit snack and any vegetables
    6:30 chicken breast, green beans,
    9:30 a small snack before bed.

    in addition to this, drink water all day long and your body will be able to digest more efficiently.
    Now I realize in high school it may be hard to eat this many meals a day, so eat larger meals at breakfast lunch and dinner, but still eat a snack every few hours, so your body doesnt go into fat storing mode.

    if you eat a healthy diet, your body will thank you and reflect what you are putting into it. pizza and highly saturated fat foods can actually shorten your life by 5 years.

    Unfortunately, todays soil base doesnt give plants all of the nutrients you need. so this diet coupled with a multivitamin supplement is suggested. However, your body can at most absorb 40% of a pill so liquid vitamin supplements are s recommended. They are more expensive, but will last longer and be more effective. a really great site is

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