Low-fat vegan diet

What would you do if your teenage daughter came to you and told you it was going to be a vegan? She carefully studied the Internet. Prohibited: – No milk, no eggs, no red meat, no fish. – She eats no refined starches and sugar, honey or sweeteners. – She'll eat without additives, preservatives, hormones, artificial dyes or other additives. What is his diet: + She will eat beans and brown rice instead of animal proteins. + It will eat whole grain pasta, bread and other products. + It will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. + It will take a source of compressed fat (minimum) vegetables. + It will take supplements: Calcium, vitamins, minerals. Well, I have your answer here. A vegan diet is perfectly healthy. In this day and age, steering clear of animal products that are full of hormones and antibiotics is not a bad idea. Steering clear of processed foods containing artificial sweeteners, unpronounceable ingredients and are full of preservatives, fat and empty calories is not a bad idea either. Looks like she knows about it. I let her go for it and see how she likes it. Just having his attention to how it feels and make sure it lets you know if she sees drastic changes in energy levels, menstrual activity, etc. (Sometimes it is the first to be affected when starting a vegan diet). Wish him the best of luck.

Using a plant based low fat you can get the body you've always dreamed approach. Without drugs, calorie restriction and bullshit, you can eat as much. . .

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  1. Dharmu Hall says:

    It depends on how it sticks to him. Seems perfectly healthy to me. Just make sure it enought of all food groups

  2. Paulina says:

    Going vegan can be helpful in many ways, such as increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, humans are naturally omnivores and require vitamin B-12 to remain in good health, which can be found in animal products. History also shows that although vegans have good general health, they tend to have the lowest rate of mortality worldwide.

  3. Dee XXX says:

    Humans are omnivores.Protine can be mimicked by mixing starch and lgumineuses.Il is easier to treat than meat rouge.Je think veganism is like a religion.Il is very difficult and time consuming to continue this mode vie.Il are many opinions on whether or not this is sain.Vous must add supplements. Vitamins B, D, iron, etcLe human body is not designed to be vegetarian or vgtalien.C is the vrit.Nous are omnivores and you can not change cela.Je am a lover of animaux.Je n 'have no fur or maroquinerie.Je not eat meat rouge.Je can exist on the sea I eat most poissons.Je eat rice and noodles ramen.Lait, butter, eggs, cheese, etcCe are gifts of animals that are not blesser.Je will wear sweater laine.Je'll eat fromage.Je eat what my body needs to be in good sant.Les teenagers need sleep, exercise , fluids, and a nutritious diet with all the food groups inclus.Aprs they still developing and growing, they can decide how to live their adult life. My 15 year old son only like Big Mac, fries, soda orange.Je am in charge of their health. I make him eat a diet nutritif.Il hate. . . I am in charge until 18.Sa haircut makes me angry. A head-eyed blonde broom. “But I'm a boy Dad Scene”. . . How can you do with this hair covering your eye gauche.Ses hair does not affect its health. I agree que.Son style of clothes I allow galement.Il will eat what doctors and nutritionists have decided growing children have besoin.Les choosing your daughter are healthier than what my son must aime.Vous do some research and find out what she will be absent while seeking this lifestyle.

  4. Mrs Eaddy409 says:

    I say “good”, and I think it would be very healthy and I want to help in any way I can. Especially since she did some research. But I want to talk to the pediatrician or other health care professional / nutritionist to help us ensure she gets all the nutrients it needs from its body is still changing and growing.

  5. Lyz says:

    If people were meant to be vegans, they would not have these four sharp teeth sharpened designed for stabbing the meat in the mouth.

  6. Mandy says:

    I would first like to know what led to his decision. It may be good reasons, but I would make sure I understand the basis for its decision. Although a bit extreme, it is a viable plan, but requires a motivated and consistent monitoring. . . I would worry if it was just because his friends font.Cela said, it sounds like it has done good research, although I might suggest considering any additional animal protein substitutes (acid soybean whey, and fat) that can be accompliesavec of supplments.Je say

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