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Please do not suggest Vegetarian Times that most of the revenue. . Well. . Vegetarian. I want good, healthy vegan recipes. I once saw an article on What is your favorite vegetarian food and the answers were pop tarts, macaroni and cheese and ice cream with chocolate chips. Yahoo for any reason give me the opportunity to choose the best answer. OK, I discovered that you have to wait 5 or 6 hours before it gives you the opportunity. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will definitely give these a good look. Do you know what I found? I certainly second your dislike of Vegetarian Times. It is as if the magazine heard 'veg' and thought we all wanted recipes veg * years (and nothing else). Maybe it would be nice if it was vegan, as you said, but it is not. Someone else has already suggested VegNews, and I just want a second appointment. This is a great store, a mixture of many types of things, and they are always getting angry letters about how they make it seem like a bad thing to be vegetarian, which means that they certainly are vegan. Other than that, if you tend to read more biased accounts of vegan activism (gotta love it, right?), Then I would certainly mention Herbivore. Not only is it a great read, but it is also very interesting to find bands to listen to. A little hard to get, maybe, but it's worth once you do – eighty pages of fun vegan magazine.

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  1. Alex Jackson says:

    I subscribe to this magazine,

  2. TuffGirl Masterson201 says:

    Hello, I recommend it. . .

  3. Grace Hall says:

    Hi SoleilOptez for it:

  4. A. Hall says:

    Vegan Food Magazine. Free PDF download here:

  5. Kayson Jackson says:

    VegNews. These are the biggest and the recipes are vegan. There are several in each issue, but it's more news, politics and other things that people with a vegetarian lifestyle effect.

  6. Bright Eyes Smith says:

    Try this

  7. Paulina X1286 says:

    Why not just go to a corn field & watch. . . Why a magazine.

  8. Wiz Richards says:

    Here's a good one.

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