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Are one of the dressings Subway vegan? Being vegetarian now, I usually get cheese with spinach, carrots, peppers, cucumbers and sweet onion sauce. If none of them are vegan, they are good dressing that I could get myself to put on their sandwiches? Thank you. Yes, I am aware that the cheese is not vegan, I just spoke what I get on my subway now as a vegetarian. Thank you for using your man, I'm still a bit confused because I'm pretending to get different answers. Essentially – No dressings are vegan except metro vinegar and oil. Also in the United States that the Italian bread is vegan. (In the UK, I am told that it is wheat bread) Dressing are vegan, you can buy, These are my three favorites: Annies Green Goddess Organic Vegan Caesar Dressing by Spectrum Naturals Organicville Vegan Ranch Dressing You nondairy can find many vegan dressing whole foods and Trader Joes online is a good site: You can also make your own Vegan Thousand Island using NaSoya or Vegenaise (two Vegan Mayo), a little ketchup, and a little relish sugar (adjust to taste) Do you go vegan? Vegan always

6 replies on “Metro Vegan”

  1. TuffGirl Eaddy says:

    Vegan and dressing. . An oxymoron, no matter where it is applied.

  2. Karen526 says:

    Try vinegar and oil

  3. Marcalo Smith says:

    Thousand island dressing

  4. Grace X1 says:

    Sweet onion is vegan.

  5. J. Baghwan says:

    All style vinegarette should be ok, or those based on oil

  6. Andy X1 says:

    I'm not sure about the dressings, mayo any basis is not. And do you know that the cheese is not vegan least one kind of bean curd?

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