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Any Europe based companies like Pangea Vegan Foods. They wouldn’t ship to my wife who’s deployed in Germany because they said it would spoil by the time it got there. No. I’m looking for a vegan food ordering site. Not a local place. I guess the simple question is: Is there a website that delivers vegan foods to Germany? And if so, what is there website? @ pi”03 Thank you so much. Its been difficult for her trying to find items. This helps so much. Well, I have your answer. Maybe this one? It’s a German site, so the delivery shouldn’t be a problem. I guess you want to surprise her with the package? Because she certainly can buy vegan food in local shops in Germany, too.

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  1. Marcalo XXX says:

    Germans eat Vegan food too.

    So just use google translate on any local German pages.

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