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After asking a million questions on this week I have another set of questions. Do not complain you get those points After a lot of people have recommended a diet of raw food for my dog I begin to consider it. The only questions I have are as follows. How can I go? I want to keep on the dry dog food and put it on a raw diet, so I think I'll give him dry food in the morning and raw food in the night. Would this work? Hiw much if you do? I know it would be better ti go 100% raw, but I want to do half and half. (If I see improvement I will go 100% raw) After searching for recipes I have not found much, I found a little but slow enough to build a big enough picture ti know how I get to give him a balanced diet stalled. The only idea I have this: 100g of wet food 100g Mashed food-Morning-sec (spinach, kale, arugula, kale) yeast 4g And then at night, half a pound of ground meat (I'll probably change the meat all the time I finished the meat) Puree (spinach, kale, arugula, kale) Green Dorset easy (4g) of yeast (4g) and flaxseed oil. (Teaspoon) ^ is just an idea, if it is a bad idea then please say and correct. Give me a link to all the great recipes. What you give your dog in terms of raw food? Links would be great, I'm always looking raw diets now and learning. I'll take a trip to my library and see if they have one or I will buy books with recipes in. Thanks. BARF * brain fart I did not want to believe, even if I have said several times. After looking around, I learned – You realize RAW Manes right natural diet? As no vegetables, no fruit, no dry food, no grains. Stop giving the poor dogs vegetables. They can not digest vegetables and can not break the plant cells so that they gain nothing at all to eat. RAW means nothing, raw bones natreal, for the first bodies not against natural raw vegetables. No dry food, no vegetables at all, no yeast, no wet food. You feed the dog a very unhealthy diet denatured. A raw food diet is just raw met, bones and viscera raw. Things a dog, a carnivore, is intended to eat

I was asked several times they are easy recipes, quick and easy for a raw diet. Usually, I just throw a few back chicken chicken thighs. . .

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  1. Mandy Durham says:

    I recommend and supply of raw prey model. This is the best species appropriate diet, you can feed your dog. I'll give you links below explain everything. I know it's confusing at first, but you will be so glad you made the switch. Your dog will thrive on this diet. 🙂

  2. Bright Eyes XXX says:

    We nourrissons80 viande10% of% of% OS10 organs (except liver, and 5%) There are many groups on raw diet Yahoo.Un such group is

  3. TuffGirl Baghwan says:

    If you are serious about raw food and want good advice, go to

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