Raw veganism

What is the problem if your broccoli or boiled / grilled or not. I think I found an answer. Veganism first is not the best way to eat, and it is certainly not for everyone. But is a valuable tool in the treatment of chronic diseases (including migraines, allergies, hormonal imbalances, IBS, eczema, Crohn's) that have become insensitive or resistant to drugs, or in cases where the person wants to get off drugs. Two things are missing from the standard that will ultimately lead to disease and illness American diet: Enzymes and fiber. The enzymes necessary for digestion, and are destroyed in the processing and cooking. Without proper digestion, nutrients can not be assimilated. Fiber is necessary for proper disposal. Kitchen broken fiber. People constantly talk about the best "colon cleansing" because they do not consume enough insoluble fiber to sweep the intestines. So the question remains waste, decay, and allows you to accumulate toxins that eventually causes the disease.

Raw veganism is a eating disorder? Recently I received a comment on one of my videos where someone claimed that many people come to veganism because the first. . .

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  1. Harpy Raneesh says:

    You get more nutrients. Especially when it comes to protien. One of the reasons why the meat is so bad for you is because once you cook protien it becomes cancerous same goes for nuts. It is very difficult to find even raw nuts in America.

  2. TuffGirl Terrence says:

    Cooking kills nutrients out of it and makes our blood is acidic acid alkaline nothing should ever be put in ur body since our blood is alkaline we should eat alkaline foods not only that, but raw food has important enzymes essentially force life in the food that the creator in food for a reason, he has a life force to him as his live food that comes in u and it makes u feel more raw and living happy and energetic food for me was the best decision I've ever made in my life hands down first and I've been almost a year and have not yet obtained a throat or something I do not have these depressive moods groggy I feel bad, I always feel GREAT 24/7.

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