In C + +, which is a scope. Do you know what I found? Scope is a term used in most languages. It refers to the place where you can use a variable. If you declare a variable within a "for" loop, the scope of this variable is "inside the loop where it was declared. You can not use this variable in any other part of your code, because it is not in scope. The variable is in scope when the code of the loop is executed, and is out of reach after the loop is finished executing. So you can see that the scope also determines its lifetime.

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  1. Alex Dree says:

    Names C + + can be used as parts of a program. This area is called the “scope” of the name. The scope determines the “life” of a name that does not refer to an object of static measurement. Scope also determines the visibility of a name, when the class constructors and destructors are called, and when local variables are initialized to the scope.

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