Simple Vegetarian Recipes

. Well, I have your answer here. Learn some fundamentals of soups / sauces and stews as: A mirepoix (equal parts chopped celery, onion and carrot) an ideal base for a soup or sauce white sauce (butter, milk and flour and pinch of salt) – a base for cream soup, creamy, creamy or casserole. Then learn some basic cooking techniques like skipping, skipped, blanching, and steaming. Then you should be able to make a meal of whatever you have in your fridge and cupboard. I rarely use recipes and often do what I call "Jazz" cooking when I'm in a rush to create a meal. For example, say you have to be used mushrooms and pasta in your closet. Heat a little oil or butter in a skillet and saut the mushrooms until they are tender (taste for cooking) These can then be used as a side dish or mix with white sauce or just a little cream and herbs to put over pasta or rice. (Or mix the sauted mushrooms in a marinara sauce keeps you have to make a special dinner spaghetti. Lets say you have a bunch of vegetables that are near the end of their usefulness, make a quick vegetable soup starting with miripoix (cooked in oil until onions are translucent) and then add the herbs / salt / pepper to taste, water or vegetable broth and whatever vegetables that should be used to simmer until the vegetables are made then harder. Proportions are not important that more water can be added just always keep in mind not to add too much starch (pasta, potatoes, rice) because it can make the soup too thick. Concoct a pot with a can of mushrooms cream (or other cream soup) and diced vegetables, rice or cooked a little cream or curd pasta, or white sauce to keep wet, salt / pepper / spices / herbs to taste and topped with bread crumbs and cheese, then bake at 400 for 30 minutes or more depending on the degree of doneness. Stir fry all vegetables you have, then mix in a little soy sauce and / or sauce sauteed (soy sauce, brown sugar, cornstarch, garlic and ginger) and serve over rice . Here is a very quick and impressive recipe for vegetable chili Cook chopped onion 1 cup chopped bell pepper and two cloves of minced garlic, and cook in a little oil until onion is transparent . Add two cans of concentrated tomato soup, one or two cans of beans with juice (do not drain) of your choice (I like red beans and black beans) a box of corn (with juice) box diced tomatoes (with juice) two tablespoons chili powder simmer, stirring occasionally for 30 minutes. Serve topped with a dollop of sour cream, and / or chives, and / or grated cheese. I like this recipe as it comes almost entirely of canned food if it is a great relief, the only fresh produce you need is an onion and pepper in you refrigerator (pepper can be omitted in a pinch) and dinner can be ready in about 40 minutes. I hope this has helped you a bit. Good luck and do not be afraid of failure, in the kitchen, you will learn from your mistakes so try try try.

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