Skittles Vegan

More vegetarian, maybe, but I do not think it contains any dairy o_o I read the ingredients on the back of my pack of sour skittles right now and it read "gelatin", as the one of them. Now I know that the gelatin may be derived from animals or plants. He did not say, and someone I know pointed out that could mean the gelatin plant origin. But I'm not sure. Does anyone know. After looking around, I learned – Skittles are made either Mars, a company with absolutely no sympathy for animals. They are the only candy company I know who have and continue to be tested on animals (yes, even food companies). Gelatin Skittles and Starburst both is certainly of animal origin, so they are not vegetarian or vegan. Gelatin with vegetables is a rare concept for now. British Skittles, Starburst, and frosted Pop-Tarts apparently contain no gelatin that the word is that they are vegan, but in North America, they might (I know for a fact that the gelatin in frosted Pop-Tarts Kellogg is original beef, because they told me that as an indirect comment to my question).

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  1. Mandy Durham says:

    They are not vegan

  2. A. Dree714 says:

    No, bowling is have animal gelatin base.mais I'm sure Sour Patch Kids are vgtaliens.j 'like: D

  3. Dharmu Hall362 says:

    No gelatin is derived from animals ogar ogar is derived from plants and you can use instead of gelatin

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