Stickers Vegans

As stickers to put on products that are tested on animals, stickers that could be placed on packages of meat in the grocery store?. . If you do not know all the stickers, how about ideas for what they might say that I can try to do a little? Of course, I get totally stupid answers, I want to put stickers on things in stores, not at home .. DUH. Yes to vandalize. I do not believe in God, so I guess I can not answer your stupid question. Well, I have your answer here. You do not buy meat or products tested on animals if you are vegetarian. You do not need a car for things you do not.

3 replies on “Stickers Vegans”

  1. Depressed Robot says:

    Ha – sounds great. I like vandalism. (Also elitism is wicked cool.) Here's a question for you – if God wanted us to be vegetarians then why all the animals made out of meat?

  2. Alex Robot says:

    I do not know exactly what kind of car? You want them to say things like, “Stop Animal Testing” or “meat is murder” I would say the best thing would be to look online because you will probably have many more choices May. Be that google? Sorry, I'm not much help ..

  3. Sunna Baghwan says:

    Ask the U. S. A. D. .. .

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