Vegan Bodybuilding Supplements

I am an endurance athlete and I lift weights a lot too. I especially nuts and seeds and cabbage after training. I did not see much improvement in my strength and I have been body building for about 4 months now. Is their some sort of hemp or other natural vegan protein that you recommend? Thank you in advance. What I discovered was – There are many people who will tell you that you do not need supplements and while there are certainly some truth I think supplements can be helpful. I email companies asking if they vegan and it turns out many are. Obviously you want to avoid dairy products and eggs, and products like Carnivor made with beef, but otherwise you're good. If you are worried about cross-contamination with products that are manufactured on the same equipment as milk, dairy products and other products, then you will have to contact the companies or check the labels. Products that I know are vegan-friendly protein powders:-hemp protein powder (never found a non-vegetarian, try Nutiva) fermented soy protein powder brand of brown rice protein Sun Warrior Jarro-NOW brand raw rice protein-Vega protein powder brand Olympia pea protein brand except the Sun Warrior brand, they are all easy to find in most supplement stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and some even at stores like Whole Foods . There are many, many more types online. . Try going to the store of bodybuilding. Com and typing "vegan protein." Protein is not the only thing after a workout, you will definitely want to replenish your glycogen stores. It is best fruits and fruit juices. . Even athletes non-vegans consume these endurance after endurance training. You can also supplement with products Gatorade G2 (found in GNC, I like G2 better because they have more electrolytes and do not use high fructose corn syrup) or Sharkies chews brand electrolyte (find to the target). Gu is also a supplement that tastes good and can be found in supplement stores that provides electrolytes and sugars. . These are generally intended to be consumed during an endurance training session. Another type of this kind of product is made by Powerbar. Both are vegan-friendly. . Creamy, they do not contain milk or eggs. Of course, your diet should be stellar. . I can evaluate if you want if you just shoot me an email.