Vegan Boots

I am totally against the war in most cases. I just think combat boots shoes are very versatile and I've heard they tend to be long lasting. Well, I have your answer here. I have several pairs vegan leather / faux two pairs of boots, a pair of English riding boots western and a few pairs of dress boots – (no fight – but I'm sure they can not be too different from what I have). Anyway – they are sustainable as long as leather boots I had before I stopped buying leather. I got most of these boots for 4-5 years and they are still good. I guess it depends on how often you wear them, for how long and where you wear. But the bottom line, you should have roughly the same life in them as if they were leather as long as you take care of them. 🙂

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  1. Tiger says:

    “Combat Boots”?? Does this mean that at some level you advocate war – man kill humans – so when you abhor the man to kill other animals? Intressant.Pour answer your question, I think boots synthetic battle would last about as long as any other synthetic shoe.

  2. Wiz says:

    As any other comperable start taking into consideration wear (you wear every day, in winter? Did you kick, drag your feet? Did you clean the equipment, with what and what are the ? Insoles) It is really hard to say – there is a wide variety of vegan longevity that all depends on what you do for eux.Je get about 8 months of daily wear – during winter, with a kick and absolutely no additional treatments or a pair of hiking boots vegans. I expect the same on a non-vegan shoe hiking comparable.

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