Vegan Bread

Well I wanted to go vegan for a month, try it out, im already a lacto ovo vegitarian. . So I figure it should not be that hard. The only problem is im a college kid living with two roommates, one a veggie like me and the other an omnivore. So we already incorporate vegan meals, ie, lentils and brown rice, Scrambled tofu, and a few others, but my main meal is peanut butter and whole wheat bread, its quick and simple, I also eat fake meat sandwiches, from yves, so my queestion is, where can I find any good whole wheat vegan bread? I believe trader joes has some, and I know there is that ezekiel brand, but is there any others. Well, I have your answer. Every vegan should own a food dehydrator and a food processor. Make raw bread from scratch – it is not processed, and all enzymes are intact which makes for easier digestion. RAW ONION BREAD 6 Large Slices Ingredients * 1 Medium Zucchini Shredded * 1 Large Carrot Shredded or 2 Medium * 2 Large Onions Sliced in a FP or Slicer * ¼ cup Olive Oil * 1 tablespoon Braggs * ½ cup Water * 1 cup Ground Flaxseed * 1 cup Ground Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds Preparation Mix Onions Zucchini and Carrots. Then add water, Bragg’s and Olive Oil. Then add in Ground seeds. Mix well and spread onto Texflex sheet and dehydrate at 100 degrees for 12hours. At 12hours, flip the bread onto a regular dehydrator tray and continue to dehydrate for 12 hours. At this point check to see if the bread is dry on the outside, otherwise continue for a couple more hours. Slice bread and enjoy with fresh tomatoes.

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  1. Ms Masterson139 says:

    Just to comment on Master T’s answer, no all bread is vegan. because some bread is made with eggs. also sometimes there are hidden animal ingredients in some breads also.

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