Vegan Broccoli Soup

I haven’t really had a lot of time on my hands to cook elaborate vegan meals and it’s been a drag. I’ve recently been eating some avocado toast in the mornings, or oatmeal with nuts and fruits. For lunch it’s been morning star “burgers” or black bean soup, and dinner is along the same as lunch. Maybe some “cheesy” broccoli soup or whatever is left over from the day before. Any ideas on how to spice up the daily meals, but cost efficiently and time efficient. Basically… Make up batches of soups – spicy butternut squash. Vegetable. Squash and rice. Make batches of vegetable curry. Make batches of bean chili. Freeze – these can be easily deforested when you need food it have little time. Maybe roast a batch of vegetables. Some left chunky. Blend some to make soups / pasta sauces. Get some nuts and fruits in the house to snack on. Stock up on a variety of different rices / pastas / quinoa etc. Make some lentil soups / curries. There is no need to eat fake shit. Make batches – freeze. Introduce spices and herbs.

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  1. Harpy Raneesh says:

    this recipe literally only takes about 5 minutes to make
    “chickpea salad sandwich” (its a remake of tuna salad sandwich)
    one can chickpeas (or garbanzo beans)
    some vegan mayo
    some celery (chopped very small)
    and salt and pepper
    i don’t have measurements other than the chickpeas because there really is no measurements because you customize it to how you like it.
    In a mixing bowl, use an avocado masher or a strong fork to mash the chickpeas well. They should retain some of their texture and not appear pureed. A few whole ones left are ok.

    Mix in the mayo mustard, relish and celery and give a few more mashes. and add in the salt and pepper and put on some bread and there you go you have a chickpea salad(:

  2. Marcalo says:

    yes, bite the grass outside.

  3. A. Jackson says:

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