Vegan Burger

So is there. . . . ? I had the other day and it was so sad to see that it contained milk?. What about those in restaurants?. So, are they vegan?. I think I found an answer. They should sell veggie burgers in vegan restaurants. What brand did you buy? Most Boca Burgers are vegetarian, not vegan. If you are a vegetarian restaurant, ask if the boca burgers contain eggs or dairy products. If you buy boca burgers in the store, look at the ingredients. This site will show you the different types and brands of Boca Burgers – it will also tell you the ingredients to ensure that there is no dairy in it He helped me; D

3 replies on “Vegan Burger”

  1. Marcalo Terrence says:

    Boca made two vegetarian and vegan burgers, you should read the ingredents.

  2. Daytona Robot says:

    There are veggie burgers [aka veggie burgers]. Contain nuts, wheat, etc. You can buy Wegmans.

  3. Harpy RR says:

    I like to make my own the gimme lean ground beef substitute. In this way, you can add all kinds of spices.

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