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Hi, Can anyone recommend good vegan cafes / restaurants in Manchester? Thank you, Claire. After looking around, I learned – you mean the real Manchester UK? I used to live in Manchester and there are few places I know who are Vegan: – The Eighth Day on Oxford Road. Primarily this is a store of veg / vegan cooperative and has a coffee but I do not think it is open in the evening. – Earth Cafe which is attached to the rear of Buddhist Centre Debenhams. Again, I do not think it is open in the evening. A great restaurant is vegetarian (but I think they have vegan options) is Green in Didsbury. This is by far the best place for vegetarian food in the North, but I'll ask to see if they have vegan options before booking.

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  1. Dharmu RR says:

    Market – street CARTE125 Web Loring603-668-8445site:

  2. Karen Nguyen says:

    Just to save the response Chantelle, these three places are the places I was going to suggest. Give the best answer

  3. TuffGirl XXX708 says:

    If you mean Manchester, England go to a place called Didsbury – there is a restaurant called Greens, vegetables best restaurant in the UK

  4. Grace Raneesh says:

    My friend is vegan and she took me to the ground CAFE in the northern district. They do a good quiche from a variety of other dishes.

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