Vegan cereals

I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, tofu and rice, but when it comes to cereals, this is my dessert. I went to petas accidentally vegan list and get hot cocoa, cocoa blown, Frosted Flakes, or one of them, but then I read the fine print at the bottom of the site, so now I'm not so course. What other vegans eat these cereals? I do not want to buy them again if they are not really vegan. Also, if not, what is the common cereal you can find in any grocery store that tastes good? Seeing as how most of them seem to have vitamins anyway. Well, I have your answer. Some that are my favorites are: Rice Krispies, corn flakes Bakery Barbara's Bakery Puffins Barbara (any flavor), and low-fat granola cereal with almonds Trader Joe (Its just granola). Also, if you're on a tight budget, just buy the generic version, as non-brand names, because they typically have only a few ingredients, which means less hassle to make sure its vegan

5 replies on “Vegan cereals”

  1. Jasmine says:

    Envirokids cereals are vegan I think. You can not always find in regular stores though. Go to the health food stores.

  2. Wizard Fujiyama says:

    PETA have a huge list and it seems that every one believes everything they say, then who am I to argue.

  3. Marcalo Nguyen732 says:

    Any that does not contain cocoa

  4. Terry Nesmith says:

    Almost all of them are

  5. Ursula Baghwan says:

    I recommend you take the plain wheat or grain brown rice. They only have 1-3 ingredients, everything you can understand what they are lol. And all the ingredients are vegan. And they are much healthier than all the sugary cereals.

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