Vegan Challenge

I thought to try the vegan challenge 30 days and I was wondering if anyone has tried. What were your results. I was happy to learn … It's really funny, I'm doing it now, I'm on J12. I find it pretty easy, but I was tempted by the meat while getting burritos and see all the different meats from etc. What helped me is to imagine something involving a graphic animal that will change your temptation on site if you feel are straying. If you go to soy milk, like I did when I started, I quickly learned pretty quickly that it is not good to consume too much soy because of problems of estrogen, particularly for women . So I replaced my soy milk for plain almond milk and it is incredible. The only time I soy is really weird thing my tofu and soy Starbucks Lattes. In terms of all treaties and yves tofurky stuff etc. It is a good substitute but I think they are high in sodium, so keep an eye on them. Amy veggie burgers are amazing, and tempeh products there are great too. Try to get into a lot of different vegetables and make smoothies really help, they are delicious and healthy. So far I've lost weight on my face that is most remarkable. Remember that being a vegan or vegetarian does not automatically mean your super healthy, do not know whether you think it or not, but ironically, many vegans I've met are actually more weight. I think it's because meat and dairy products treated as bad things simply substituted. So try to stay green and good luck.

My results vegan for the month of July.

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  1. Sunna XXX says:

    I'm vegan January 1st and I lost 25 pounds. Skin cleared up, have more energy, feel better all around. I have not heard of the “Challenge 30 days”. . . But these are my results since going vegan.

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