Vegan Cheese

. From what I can tell … Buy vegan cheese can be tricky. . Much has casein, which is a derivitive of milk, it can give you an upset stomach (soy cheese amy w / casein Once done this for me) I know that Whole Foods has real cheeese vegans, and more in addition as supermarkets. Beware of certain cheeses or "lactose-free" "no cholesterol" that are not really vegan and could gelatin or other animal by-products. These are people who are not vegan or vegetarian and are on cholesterol or lactose-free diets. I recommend trademarks and Tofutti Vegan Gourmet cheese. . The Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella is my favorite (excellent on pizza) and is 100% vegan. Good luck and good hunting.

Presented October 7, 2012 in San Francisco, California at the 13th San Francisco Vegetarian Festival World host the 40th IVU International Vegetarian Congress. . .

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  1. A. Masterson says:

    Whole foods

  2. Wiz Baghwan332 says:

    Britain and Holland stock 'Cheezly' Barratt, “Tofutti” and “Redwood” “cheese”. My friend H here say that the substitute cheddar Redwood is delicious.

  3. Rachel Richards537 says:

    All supermarkets. Never been to a supermarket that does not have vean cheese. This is generally not the veggie aisle alley cheese, but it varies by supermarket.

  4. Mrs Nesmith565 says:

    They are pretty gross, and if they are not, they are full of fat or vgtarien.ce they really are the only cheese “vegan” I never found “Whole Foods”, and they were very fatty.

  5. Dharmu Hall says:

    World international food market. Search the web for near you.

  6. Terry says:

    Many places. I can not remember. . But I have a tip for vous.les “slices soy” you see around .. Read the ingredients .. They still have whey and non-vegan products laitiers.les making ainsi.J have done before this error: [

  7. Valen Baghwan says:

    You can buy cheese slices rice. See a health food store like Wild Oats or whatever is around where you live.

  8. Terry Masterson says:

    Any healthy food store. . . Or where you buy your vegan products.

  9. Rachel Masterson878 says:

    Make sure it is really vegan. . It is derived from milk that lurk in most soy cheese riz.mme most things at Whole Foods and health food stores is not vegan. Check by vegan gourmet cheese follow your heart. You can order it on their website if you're struggling to find in your area.

  10. Dee Baghwan says:

    Check the produce department of your local grocery store. It is usually near the tofu.

  11. Alex Jackson says:

    Whole foods

  12. Ms Raneesh840 says:

    You can not. Sorry.

  13. Daytona Dree says:

    Health stores, Walmart (products section) Food, HEB, Kroger, Smith.Bonne luck

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