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I am currently in Chicago. I feel like I've been here too long to get the results and the motivation I need to open my * completely * vegan bakery, Sweet Cakes Bakery. I have a comfortable working and living situation, so I am not being as active as I think I would if I had to start somewhere else. I thought westward. More specifically Portland, San Francisco or Seattle. Any suggestions on where to go? I am also looking for a job and a place for me and my dog to call home. I do not know much about the summary neighborhoods to stay away from. I'm vegan, and prefers to work in at least one vegetarian friendly space before opening my own. Basically … I think you should try to sell products online vegan bakery your, restaurants and cafes. How many times have you out for dinner and could not have dessert because it was milk, eggs, butter or her? Marketing is the key place ads in vegetarian magazines, health food centers and wellness stores. Demand for healthy / alternative food health life is increasing and not lose hope … I had checked possibly opening a vegan bakery / cafe – but the rent in real estate in my area is not astronomical .. Discourage you but to the west would be costly for housing / resettlement. Do your research before you travel and make sure you can afford housing and cost of living. Also make sure that you move into a conscious / Area vegetarian / vegan health. I frequent a vegan bakery in the Washington area where ships vegan baked goods by mail. I also checked several bakeries vegan provided online and it seems that the demand is there. Good luck .. I would also like to see if you could get to Whole Foods Chicago to allow you to teach / show vegan cooking ..

Www. Realrawresults. Com / raw-vegan-chicago I have people tell me time and again that eating a raw vegan diet is difficult trip or any s. . .

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  1. J. Hall says:

    There are many vegan friendly people in San Jose, California. We'd love to make you live here with your chien.Bonne Year. PS Willow Glen is a beautiful neighborhood in the city of San Jose, but housing is a little expensive. . . . .

  2. Valen XXX says:

    If you are looking to head West, I would say San Francisco. The people there seem to be more open-minded, and there are many areas that do not cost “summary”.

  3. Tiger Birdman says:

    I would be afraid to eat a vegan bakery, lest he had no flavor or texture.Vous'd better do some reasearch online on the highest U.S. Vegan population. I bet ti California, probably near Berkley somewhere. Consider moving there.

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