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OK. Thus, in recent weeks, I followed a vegan diet. . . It was not a stuggle, as many people speak. However, this day I am stuggling. I had a very bad week. And that day, it is not improving. In fact, the situation is deteriorating due to Big B with whom I work. . But that's another rant all together. . . . During my childhood my mother would comfort food the most impressive. . Of course, most of these foods contained non-vegan-friendly. . Since that day was a bad result of my terrible week, I found myself craving these home cooked, food non-vegan comfort. I do not want to "cheat", I said I was going to commit to an entire mo before making decisions or other diet changes. If you have very good, like OMG good – not only edible, vegan versions of classic comfort food I would really appreciate it. If you are not vegan, please send a joke to help brighten my day. I need a laugh. Fred V.. . Incidentally, I'm lactose intolerant. . . . So vegan was not a huge step Veggie. . Since I do not eat dairy anyway. And, who are you to judge? Thank you for your effort to post a joke, but please know that does not help me at all, because it was totally inappropriate for this topic. Shame on you for taking the time and energy to make my day worse, instead of being decent and kind human being. If you want to make a point, it was not the question to make it on. I was asking for you to help raise my day, not to attack my diet plan and connect as "eat shit in Hell" with your very tasteless, inconsiderate, badly conceived, sad attempt at a joke. But s' Please, have a good day … One of us should …. Oh, and Fred, by the way .. I have nothing against the people who 'do follow the same diet. As I posted my question, I asked for comfort food and maybe a laugh .. I did not ask to get a jerk on his soup, and then to twist around to justify my question its small, useless rant … Have you taken your medication today? Oh, and I must thank you for one thing .. In response to your silly response helpped me blow steam, which takes the edge off My B * tchy mood. Thus, thanks to this jerk Thank you. "stopmelting200" for the joke. Griffyn10941 That's a good question. You must post. Technically, it only cost you 3 points .. Since you have two post a question to an answer .. Post the issue, it is a good thing .. Use three points and you have a lot of good answers. However, if you do not want to post the question read the book Skinny B * tch. It has a whole section on this topic .. In addition, he is a funny, informative read .. Do not take everything to heart that is printed if. Have a good day. It looks like Fred is removed response or it was deleted Nice for him … UPDATE. Sorry, I have not added before the kind of comfort food my mother did was beef stew, chicken and dumplings etc. .. Things you want to eat in front of a fireplace. On a cold rainy day. Oh and I love all the ideas of biscuits. I love baked goods too much for comfort food. Thanks for all your awesome answers. I appreciate that. I was so happy find this – My ultimate comfort food is a baked potato (okay, I really nuke them) with Earth Balance margarine and a little seasoning Herbamare If your favorite comfort food is milk, use milk. Soy. If you love ice cream, there's soy ice cream. You can get vegan sausage, vegetables crumbles, veggie burgers, and follow your heart vegan cheese Vegan Gourmet. You can use tempeh chili to vegetarian and pour on a potato or fries. If you use sugar is evaporated cane juice crystals or turbinado sugar to avoid the issue of bone charcoal. If you love mac & cheese, "The Dolce Vegan "by Sarah Kramer has a recipe, but since I'm not a person mac & cheese, I have not tried. Go to www. Veganstore. Com or www. Veganessentials. Commission to find good vegan goodies for the next time you have a bad week. If I knew what you used to comfort food, I could give you clues about veganizing, but I hope this gives you some ideas.

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  1. Jasmine Lowell says:

    Linda Mcartney sausages, vegan gravy, mashed and baked beans. Mmmmmmmmm. Veggie thin (I like 'realeat' sauce with potatoes onion etc. You can even have a little puff pastry with it if you check the label for a type of plant fibers (many come from fat vegetables ) If you are in the UK, Holland and Barret make a good pie porkless.Fromage on grilled with sauce of your choice bread. (If you can find a vegan cheese that melts ok) Last night, I ' I made a sponge cake with vegan egg substitute and covered in agave syrup and soy milk crme.Riz cream soy.

  2. Dharmu Fujiyama says:

    Oatmeal Cookies Chocolate Walnut. . . The link for the recipe. I made these several times and they are just as good as people say in the comments. All my friends love non-veg too. Not low fat or low calorie, but certainly vgtalien.J hope your day gets better.

  3. Dharmu Dree says:

    Fred V: What the hell are you talking about? The question is not attacking anyone. Wow you can even read?

  4. Lyz Birdman says:

    Get a copy of Isa Chandra Moskowitz 'Vegan With A Vengeance.

  5. Bright Eyes Nguyen says:

    Vegan chocolate decent. Can not battre.Vert Noir.Ou and if you want to cook something. Try steamed in red wine sauce / cassis pears. . Absolutely fantastique.vapeur red wine pears 75% / 27% blackcurrant n heuresajouter to cinimmon forums etc as if making wine chaudlaisser refroidirspare and cool in the refrigerator for the nuitservir PAERS with vegan ice and reduced sauce poured over everything .. . . . Be a troll in this forum, it's like having sex with a retarded dwarf. . . .. . . . It is not great, and it is not intelligent.

  6. Valen Smith says:

    I'm not a vegan, but vegan chocolate chip cookies are incredibly easy to do. Just look at any recipe for chocolate chip cookies, non-vegetarians. A few minor substitutions will be an EASY dcent.Une release. Use semi-sweet, milk chocolate chips not. (Most grocery stores.) 2. Use vegan margarine dairy free. (I'm sure that, as a vegan as well a couple of weeks, you can locate, but most medium and large stores would have.) 3. Instead of 2 eggs, use 1/4 cup all natural, unsweetened apple. (Any grocery store should have it.) 4. Minor change to the content of baking soda, which means up to maybe 1 and 1/4 c to compensate for the content pureed fruit.

  7. Rachel Lowell says:

    Vegans can eat as well as sorbet, ben and jerrys make sorbets you can eat, they have no animal products, so jamaisVert and black is great, innocent smoothies free-tru bourns bourn of chocolate-Alpro soya – all of the beach you will find vegetarian and vgtaliensvisiter the Vegan Society and see what great things they suggest for delicious non-animal foods –

  8. Mindi Camry194 says:

    Hummus with whole wheat pita. It is very filling.

  9. J. Camry says:

    Lots of good food in Las Vegas.

  10. Andy Dree says:

    If this lady is in the doctors office with a problem. She said, “Doc, I've got this terrible situation. You see, I have this uncontrollable gas and the worst thing is that I never know when it happens.” said the doctor, “I see. I'll be back.” reverse in the doctor's office with a six foot long pole with a large hook on the end of it. Lady proclaims, “DOCTOR? WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THAT?” to which the doctor replied, “I'll open the window up there, it stinks here.”

  11. Wizard Raneesh210 says:

    It is more a question of monitoring a response. I'm not vegetarian, but I eat an incredible amount of all natural products of plant origin. I noticed some recipes here, but many of them include sugar. I saw many vegan post which states that sugar and processed flour is not vegan. What is the real story.

  12. Bright Eyes Richards says:

    Paste made of soy milk. “Stovetop” stuffing made with corn bread stuffing (bread section), onions, vegetable broth, the sauge.Spaghetti marinara sauce. Room with grilled baguette slices that have been rubbed with garlic stew frais.Faux boeufPoulet fried “steak.” Super recipe vegcooking. CoMun other comfort food of mine is General Tso Tofu, since I no longer live in the States. Great recipe on vegweb. Com

  13. Daytona Lowell461 says:

    The company made great alternative cooking cookies. . . I guess it depends on what kind of comfort food you want. . . Sweet, salty, cheese. . . Etc.. . Saw you mention something about the book skinny b * tch. . . Love this book.

  14. Dharmu Hall says:

    Do you really want food, or as junk food? Well here some or each: Flat seitan 2 fulls soon chalotes2 oil Olive1 package seitan3 large potato terre2-3 carottes400 ml vegetable broth in eauselpoivrepaprika20cl cream sojaPeler and chop the shallot. Fry in oil, then add the seitan cubes and cook for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and carrots and cut into slices. Add them to the seitan and shallots, cook for 5 minutes. Add the vegetable broth, salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for about half an hour. Remove the lid and cook a little longer until the water evaporates, then add the soy cream and paprika, until hot. Eat right suite.Vegan chocolate chip cookies (5-6 cookies) Flour 160g120g sucre1 teaspoon of extract Vanille60 g chips chocolateau of 20g60g margarine vgtalienneMlanger all ingredients. Preheat oven to gas mark 6. Put small drops of the mixture on a plate (with parchment paper on it), but do not flatten too as they spread. Cook until they start to go a little gold (about 10-15min), then put on a plate to cool. If they are not soft it's ok, they harden in refroidissant.Gteau chocolate and orange: 200g farine115g of sucreune pinch Selun half packet of yeast chimique4 tablespoons oil soup vgtale2 tablespoons juice 'orangele zest of a small orange200 ml water block of chocolate cut into small morceauxDans a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, salt and powder pte.Ajouter oil, orange juice, zest and water (I mostly put a little less water and orange juice). Mix with a fork. Do not fight. Add the chocolate. Nouveau.Pauvres mix into a buttered pan. Bake at 180 C for about 30 minutes (it takes less than normal though). Hope this helps. Anyway, do not forget, you're not cause suffering. This is the most comfortable ever 🙂 Go Vegan.

  15. Wiz Lowell says:

    Pasta smothered in a rich marinara sauce with a bit of soy cheese.

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