Vegan Creatine

Do you guys know where I can buy vegan creatine? Online? Or at a store? Please let me know, thanks. Well, I’ve your answer. I’ve heard that most commercial creatine powders are now synthetically produced. You may want to check this though as it’s only word of mouth (I don’t use it personally). Try ringing/emailing a few people if you want to be sure. One source of creatine that is labeled vegan is: Hope this helps and make sure you research creatine use thoroughly before you begin (i. E. Cycling, water retention).

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  1. Grace XXX688 says:

    Almost all creatine powders are vegan. The only ones that aren’t are very cheap ones that contain sarcosine.

    Just buy a good creatine powder from a reputable company and you’ll be fine.

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