Vegan Dark Chocolate

Cuz the instructions confuse me. It says organic whole milk powder in the ingredients but the below it says. The milk in our organic dark chocolate is present because it is currently made on the same production line as our organic milk chocolate so is there not milk in the ingredients. Because i’m not that much of a purist I would eat it if it wasn’t in the ingredients. also while your here can you give me the names of any other vegan snack foods. I was happy to learn… If it doesn’t say it is for Vegans, then I’d forget about it.

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  1. Wiz Dree612 says:

    The vegan statement has gone; has the product ever been suitable for vegans?

    By definition vegan products contain no ingredients derived from animals in the recipe and this still remains true for Green & Black’s dark chocolate. However as our dark chocolate is made on the same production line as our milk chocolate there is some risk of cross contact. As a result, the desire for clearer allergen labelling now conflicts with the vegan statement and we have reluctantly decided to remove it from our labelling.

  2. Dee Hall says:

    Lindt Excellence makes good, 85% cocoa extra dark chocolate that is really good and vegan too.

  3. Alex X1 says:

    there’s probably just trace amounts I would say. no need to worry!!!

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