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If anyone can send me links / explain what a good and healthy vegan diet imply that would be great. I really want to become vegan but I do not know what foods I should buy and eat thank you very much in advance for any help. From what I can tell … A healthy vegan diet includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and cereals. The main concern for vegans is to have a reliable source of vitamin B12 by taking a supplement or eat fortified foods (such as certain soy milks and cereals). Here are links with more information: Good vegan sources of protein, iron, calcium and: Four vegan food groups: Non-dairy and meat false vegan products: Food ideas and tips transition: Recipes:.

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  1. Kayson Dree914 says:

    The protien part is listed here by mixing these you can get a good protien.Une. Beans or legumes of any nature2. Nuts and seeds of all nature3. Cereals such as millet, I'm not sure if it is kamut wheat or gluten content, but there is a grain like masmaintenant what you do is to find ways to mlanger.comme beans and rice ouharicots and masou peanuts or other nuts etfves sprouts and corn in a soupetofu or tymph are soybeans and rice fixed in over 100 faons.Si you mix the three above, you will get a protien complte.c is part of the protien alimentationprochaine get good fruits of 2-4 per day and 4-6 servings of vegetables.

  2. Kayson Lowell says:

    As a vegan you eat no meat. You do not eat fish, and you're not supposed to eat eggs that my opinion is absurd. Im not sorry, I have no connection well you should try the alimentary canal. Com.

  3. Dharmu says:

    Being vegan is not really difficult but I think it takes planning. Some young people turn vegan without reading anything about the lifestyle and eating chips and peanut butter. Ago 100 foods, but you must read.

  4. Kayson Terrence says:

    Try these sites.

  5. Ursula Jeffs says:

    Veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet, and it extends much further than your food. A strict vegetarian follows a vegan diet, but not vegan. Do your research. Find out what you should get every day and where you can get it from. Strict vegetarians (vegans) and avoid all animal products. No meat (fish and chicken are the meats), no dairy (whey, casein, butter), no eggs, no gelatin, no bacon, no honey, no carmine, no cochineal. Anything that is or comes from an animal.

  6. Alex Baghwan619 says:

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