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I am vegetarian for ethical reasons and feed my cat human grade raw meat. My fish and guinea-pig will get a different diet. I came across a link (online vegan store) someone suggested a few moments ago, and came across the pet food section of the store. I found this: I personally do not believe that dry food (or grains) are beneficial to a carnivore, and in fact it is harmful in some cases. If you scroll down, you’ll see a “note” in bold that shocks me and makes me ponder of all the reasons they would market such a product to pets. What are your views. What I found out was – Dogs are fine on eating vegan. I know many dogs who are vegan and in great health and I would highly recommend it as vets have said these dogs are in really great health. Cats however are obligate carnivores, meaning they tend to need to eat a mainly meat based diet. Though there are vegan cats out there that are healthy and people who say it is fine. That is one I am unsure of. Guinea pigs are herbivores.

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  1. J. Robot says:

    Dogs can survive with vegetarian choices as they are omnivores.
    Cats are obligate carnivores, and must have meat in any form.
    Cats actually do fine on commercial dry cat foods that include meat proteins like salmon and chicken. I have 4 cats, and this is what they eat (with occasional wet food treats that are meat), and they don’t have any problems.

  2. Ms Fujiyama421 says:

    well think of it this way. in the wild, canines are scavengers. they eat whatever they can find. trash, dead animals, etc. felines are hunters and hunt things like birds, fish, and small rodents. why would anyone feed these creatures things they would never hunt for themselves? this is going too far with veganism.

  3. Tiger Raneesh883 says:


    A dog ‘can’ live on a vegetarian diet if it’s properly balanced. However,cats cannot. They would die of malnutrition.

  4. Wiz Robot says:

    As the owner of a dog with serious grain allergies, I would never put my carnivorous or omnivorous pets on a vegan diet. I can make a choice for myself but it’s against nature to feed cats and dogs a meatless diet.

    Additionally, a diet rich in carbohydrates can lead to diabetes, weight gain which can lead to organ failure, and as you read thickened blood.

    I would never risk my animal’s health in order to force it to comply with my dietary whims.

  5. A.48 says:

    Dogs and cats are carnivores. They need meat.

    Realize that internet sites/advertising are meant to sell a product. They will speak poorly of another product without studied facts.

  6. Mindy Nguyen says:

    vegan diets for your pets are a dumb idea.

    If they are natural carnivores they should stay carnivores. Dogs have no ethics so they don’t care about your reasons for being a vegan. Respect them for what they are, feed them meat.

  7. Paulina Richards says:

    As a vegetarian I’m against vegan animal food. I love animals and care about their well being, and that means providing them the food they require to be happy and healthy.
    Dogs are omnivores, so it would be possible for them to be healthy. I was unable to find any supporting, definite proof of this when I adopted my dog so I treat her as an omnivore.
    Forcing a carnivorous animals, such as cats, to be vegan is cruel.

  8. Kayson Jackson says:

    Dogs are omnivores, so they can live on a vegan diet. However cats are carnivores, and they need meat. Feeding a dog vegan dog food is a bit extreme. Feeding a cat vegan cat food is animal abuse.

  9. Lyz X1 says:

    No I don’t agree with it. I can chose not to eat meat, my dog can’t. It’d be unfair to take something from him that he enjoys.

  10. J. Eaddy says:

    No, I think it’s just wrong! I can make my own decisions to what I put in my body. Cats and dogs need fats found in meat to survive and stay healthy. I don’t want to deprive my cat (who doesn’t have a choice) of an egg mixed in with her dry food or a chunk of meat every now and then.

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