Vegan Dress Shoes

Does anyone know where you can find vegan dress shoes in Washington DC? This includes all-vegan stores, stores that have any vegan options, or chain stores with locations in DC that are known to have vegan options. Ordering online is not possible, as I have been told I must have them by the end of today. Thank you, any help is appreciated. Essentially — Go to any shoe store. Look at the tags on the shoes your looking at (all shoes have labels showing what materials were used to make the shoe), so long as the shoe is all man-made materials, it’s vegan. Leather or suede is from animal, and therefore not vegan. It WILL say on the label, so don’t let a shoe salesman try and tell you it’s faux leather, snakeskin, or suede if it say different on the label (faux leather, snakeskin, and suede, which all look nice, and can look quite real, will still be labeled man-made materials).

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  1. Tiger Smith says:

    Go to any igh-end departmet store and buy anything from Stella McCartney. Most her shoes, bags and other stuff are vegan.

    You could also try Nine West, they have many vegan options.

    For vegan baty products, check tis link:

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