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I asked this question in the forum vegan but I do not have a lot of great answers. . I train for fitness competitions and decided to go vegan a few months back. . Even though I am in my season, I did my "leaning on" phase just to see how I could do as a vegan, and I can not get my body fat to lower my muscles without ozone. . Suggestions? Hi Phil, I'm from Montreal. . My main source of protein is seitan (wheat protein), tofu and soy protein powder. . Legumes are too high in carbohydrates and nuts, although very off season are too high in fat to lean on. . As for vegetarian burgers and things, they are too high in sodium. . But thank you for your contribution. I appreciate that. After looking around, I learned – Most people have problems to get complete protein being a vegan. That is why the meat is so favorable to muscle gains and lean body mass. Beans and rice is a complete protein together, but they must have there is a lot of carbs too. The second problem with vegans varies because everything will eat eggs and milk. If you eat eggs that should go nuts over them. These fats and cholesterol are what you need to produce hormones that have a huge impact on the maintenance of lean body mass. You can also buy liquid egg whites (like egg beaters, but try to find a brand to save $ $). They have 50 grams of protein per card and is 100% bioavailable. They are pasteurized so no worries about getting sick of it. Whey protein and casein are milk products. If you eat what you need to use both. Whey after training and a combination of whey and casein the rest of the day If eggs and milk are out of the question, so I guess you still have soybeans. Soy has been known to screw up the hormone levels which, as I've mentioned are very important to lean body mass. If you're stuck with soy so I guess you can try. The only really good vegan option I know is the bud because it has a favorable amino acid profile for muscle building protein. You will not find this in any stores, because it is not a "hot commodity." The only place you can get is trueprotein. Com you can use the coupon code ECH436 for 5% discount on your order it. I bought soy times on accident a few years ago and wondered why the three months I've been on it my gains were zero. I returned to the whey and I took off again. The protein amino acid is an important factor for muscle growth. Can you succeed as a bodybuilder as a vegan. My opinion is no. Even with genetic freak you really are still up and inhibit your progress. There are simply too many benefits of eating meat (red meat in particular) to stay healthy when working in a regime correctly. Remember not all proteins are created equal. This is the main reason I think it will be almost impossible for you to really lean shredded as a vegan dish and hope if you do not eat eggs and dairy products.

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  1. Mindy281 says:

    I was vegetarian 7 years before I started weightlifting. Same problem that I solved with meal plans and Vince advanced program.

  2. Karen Raneesh says:

    I'm not a vegan bodybuilder but I'm a bodybuilder. The problem depending on how you diet is the maintenance of the protein until reducing carbohydrates and fats. Correct me if I'm wrong, but vegans probably depend on legumes and nuts for a protein source. The problem as you know is that it has all the carbs and fats whatsoever healthy fats. I mean when you start to carb as Thursday evening or Friday morning before the show. I mean that can make your muscles look fuller. You probably know that but other than that I know nothing else like eating veggie burgers or I do not know if you can eat fish but could help you get the protein you need to keep your muscles from 'appauvrissement.Edit: Where are you? Im Paje mean that you should limit sodium, but not really cut it up last week, you know what I mean

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