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I’m on the market for a new foundation. I’m over mineral makeup, and I’m looking for a new foundation. I’m very pale with cool undertones, and I need good coverage. I know I’m posting this in the wrong section, but if I post it in beauty, I’ll get silly answers. Thanks. From what I can tell… Urban Decay doesn’t test on animals and has a number of vegan items. Both their website and their in-store displays (at least at Sephora) have a paw icon next to the vegan items. I believe their foundations are all vegan. Smashbox also doesn’t test on animals, but only their foundation items are vegan (some of their color items have carmine–ick). There’s a company named Zuzu Luxe, which you can get at www. Veganessentials. Com or www. Veganstore. Com. They have foundation as well.

Review of the BWC foundation, concealer and mascara as well as an each day makeup look using all cruelty free and vegan products. Using many products from th. . .

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  1. Florida X1 says:

    Go to sephora(:
    A few of their brands like Urban Decay aren’t tested on animals.

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