Vegan Foundation

I tried Manic Panic’s liquid foundation but it smelled so bad I threw it away after trying it one time. Are there any that will do the job and not make me want to puke? Ones you have tried yourself and that you know about through experience are preferred. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. I’ve never used foundation because it’s so heavy/cakey & I just don’t need it. I just use concealer & powder. But, what I use for both is Herbs Of Grace mineral powder. I sprinkle any in my palm & wet my finger to mix it & make it liquid to use as concealer, & then brush any dry on as powder. I suppose if you wanted, you could use it as foundation the same way I do for concealer.

Review of the BWC foundation, concealer and mascara as well as an everyday makeup look using all cruelty free and vegan products. Using many products from th. . .

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  1. Paulina Lowell says:

    Sephora is mostly really good with wanting to help you find vegan makeup products and they will let you sample them for free.

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