Vegan Friendly Restaurants

. After looking around, I learned — Chipotle has vegan options, as does Moe’s Southwest Grill. Noodles & Company also is fairly vegan friendly (they offer tofu). Chicago-based Protein Bar has vegan and veganizable wraps and salads. If there’s a Zpizza near you, they offer Daiya cheese and veggie crumbles. P. F. Chang’s also has clearly marked vegetarian options, many of which are vegan (the veggie lettuce wraps are pretty good). If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, get the VeganXpress app; it will tell you what’s vegan at various chain restaurants.

I challenged myself to try and rank for a keyword phrase in Google to prove a point to many of my clients that it is not hard to rank well in Google if you a. . .

4 replies on “Vegan Friendly Restaurants”

  1. Mandy Birdman says:

    Fast food? None. You can get vegan OPTIONS at Chipotle–but that’s about it.
    Restaurants? Don’t know–I have no idea where you live so your choices may be totally different than other locations.

  2. Jasmine Terrence876 says:

    Chinese, Thai, Japanese restaurants and you can always go to an Italian restaurant for eggplant and pasta and bean soup.

  3. Karen Richards says:

    There is a worldwide chain of vegan restaurants called Loving Hut.

    You can find a location near you by going to

  4. Andy Smith says:

    Zoe’s kitchen is my chain. They have a few good vegan options. If you ever get the chance, eat at Plant in Asheville, North Carolina. Is is the best vegan food I’ve ever eaten!

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