Vegan Gourmet

If so, what did you think of it. From what I can tell… I buy vegan gourmet all the time. I like the “nacho” and the “mozzarella” flavors. I have recently figured out that if you melt it on the stove with a little soymilk and turn it into a sauce, you can use it more easily. Drizzle it on baked potatoes, or pasta. Just make sure you keep it warm,or eat it right away, or it hardens right up again. I made vegan buffalo chicken pizza and it was sooo good. And lasagne. Yum. I don’t really eat much of it, but it does the trick when I am trying to convince my kiddos to eat my vegan creations. .

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  1. Ms Birdman682 says:

    i don’t know about “gourmet” but I had some sort of soy cheese and I thought it was okay. tasted weird just cold but if you melt it over some pasta its delicious and you can’t tell the difference

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