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So I'm 14 and im becoming a vegan by choice of the pure self. And im already very unhealthy but I just need to know a little some substitutes and vitamins as tips and tricks lolz thx oh ya plz do not try to tell me about him. . Its my choice not urs lol btw im the only vegan vegetarian and even less in the family. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. You really need to read up on what to replace and where to get your nutrients. I'm vegan at the same time as you. I know it can be confusing, but you can not neglect your health. The last thing we need is for someone to quit smoking and have omnivorous throw a party. Read the information on this website to find out where to get your most important nutrients. Www. Veganhealth. Org, and I would recommend picking up a copy of "Becoming Vegan" in a bookstore. Also, make sure you get plenty of calories. If you're not sure what to look for at the grocery store, here some of the things I make. There are tons of things you can eat. Fruits and vegetables * Strawberries * Blueberries * Pineapple * Mango * apple * Bannas * Carrots * red pepper * baby * romaine lettuce tomatoes ANY Oreos earthbalance butter spread (just cheaper in regular stores, I think) Tofu Breakfast Scramble Amy and no bean enchilada Boca burgers of any kind Triscuits cheese (I wear these a lot as they make a great snack and meet me for a moment when I'm hungry. Most of them are vegan, not sure thing vegans avoid sugar if) Original Chex mix (not really sure if they are vegan, but they were acceptable air) chips seeds Sunflower potatoes (many are vegan) Go to the healthy nature as "food should taste good" to ginger cookies (many that come in a box and are pretty hard I think are vegan, said sugar) food together has a selection even huger. I'll give you a list of things that I get out of your fruits and vegetables and basic grains. Eden organic vegan macaroni and sliced torurky chresse intelligent dogs life tofu Thai Kitchen noodle products (rear below the nutritional information, it will tell you if it's vegan or not) Simplay asia noodle bowls. Bowls of noodles Annie Chun. Ricera vegan yogurt cereal chew Gorilla boca meatless chicken nuggets meatless Gardein strips (they are expensive, but they are really good) Tandoor noodles vegan chef and balanced vegetarian eTree "Not vegan pizza Daiya Vegan Cheese milk cheese Amy Rice (you can also get soy, almond, hemp, oat, hazelnut or coconut. But hemp, oat, hazelnut tend to be pricer. Hamburgers sun also take a look to "accidentally vegan page" Peta … If you want a meal plan, take a look at ……… Take care.

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