Vegan hiking boots

I am in need of hiking boots vegan and I want a place to shop locally in the area Orem, Utah rather than online. I was so happy to find this – To meet Wiley not only vegans avoid eating animals, they generally avoid all animal products. For example, hiking boots leather. As for the original question, there are several shops sporting goods in Orem area. Sports Authority sells several types of all-synthetic hiking boots. There is a Big 5 Sporting Goods in Orem, but all of their boots seem to have at least a bit of leather or suede. There are others, but they all seem to sell most leather boots. So your best bet seems to be the Sports Authority. I did a Google search followed by visiting their web page, so what is done in the store may differ (I live in Seattle). But it should be worth it, they can probably order all-synthetic boots for you, even if they do not have in stock. I found a phone number for them too, if you call ahead and ask them. Address and telephone number: 643 East University Parkway Orem University Mall, UT 84097 (801) 225-9500

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  1. Harpy Camry says:

    What the heck is vegan hiking?

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